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Begin Student Journey with an Exceptional Kindergarten Program at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

“This school boasts a long tradition of academic excellence and creativity within an exceptionally warm and supportive environment.”

A child’s first school experience plays a vital role in shaping their approach to learning. It is crucial for children to feel safe and to be in classrooms that foster an environment where even the quietest and most sensitive child has an equal opportunity to interact with teachers, attendants, and fellow students. Therefore, our focus lies in experiential learning, interaction, and inquiry during early childhood. Maintaining an optimal teacher-student ratio is crucial in providing each child with a warm and nurturing environment.

The Kindergarten Programme at Chitkara International School has been developed with consideration for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020. Aligned with the NEP’s 5+3+3+4 system, our Kindergarten programme ensures structured and progressive learning in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Art, offering continuous, diverse, and substantial education. Additionally, Music, Dance, Sports, Health and Well-Being, Life Skills, and Values have been integrated into the curriculum. A particular emphasis is placed on imparting values, and nurturing an understanding of the importance of friends, family, community, and society. We aim to cultivate future scientists, scholars, intellectuals, engineers, researchers, and creative minds. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and optimise their learning through multiple skills, including speaking, singing, movement, drawing, painting, writing, building, designing, collage, dramatics, and music.

The formative years significantly contribute to a child’s language development, vocabulary building, concept formation, and cognitive development. At Chitkara International School, research is the focal point of the curriculum, developed over years of expertise. The curriculum extends beyond mere colouring, storytelling, and playing; it aims to foster research aptitude in the students.

For the holistic growth of students, sports, games, physical fitness activities, and yoga asanas are introduced and systematically followed to develop team-building skills and achieve physical fitness.

Recognising the environment as the “third teacher,” we pay great attention to the look and feel of the classroom. Vibrant, theme-based, and colourful classrooms act as centres of joyful activity with carefully planned learning walkways. This innovative approach solidifies Chitkara International School’s position as the ideal Kindergarten.