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Students at Chitkara International School are actively encouraged to engage in both teamwork and leadership activities. While leadership and teamwork are an integral part of the classroom experience at CIS, we also encourage our students to engage in more formalized leadership opportunities.

Chitkara International School promotes the leadership of all styles and nature. We allow each and every child to experience being a C.E.O (Chief Executive officer), a D.M. (Development Manager), a R.M. (Relationship Manager), a T.M. (Task Manager) and a G.R. (Group Representative) of the four houses i.e. Steel Talkers, Brass Sounders, Zinc Thinkers and Copper Stoppers at least once during his/her tenure in the school. These responsibilities generate self-confidence and ingrain the spirit of leadership in students.

Introduction to the houses and their philosophy:

  • ZINC THINKERS (Motto: “Stir up each project they undertake”)

Zinc Thinkers are the students who can comprehensively ponder on all the essential aspects and behave as catalysts for their teams’ performance. With their thinking cells ticking along with healing and resistant powers at work, they would stir up each project they undertake to give a silver lining to it, under any circumstances.

  • BRASS SOUNDERS (Motto: “Spread a wave of happiness and celebration”)

Brass has the distinction of avoiding tarnish, to remain sparkling eternally. The members reflect back this property in every field of play to show an all-round growth and development. Like the metal alloy, the brass sounders pick out all the great & good qualities from within to outshine others.

  • COPPER STOPPERS (Motto: “Spread their radiance all around”)

Copper as a metal has been streaming and conducting electrifying properties since ages. The members of the house tend to show the same through the conduction and flow of energy, power and progression with ease and excellence.

  • STEEL TALKERS (Motto: “Perseverance conquers”)

The members of Steel Talkers are the ones who possess influential talks. They would throw a deep impact on the listeners and keep their grey cells ticking. Steel is refining, flexible yet infused with strength. The members replicate the properties by showing the required balance of flexibility and strength during trying times and healthy competition to take it all.

On a more elevated level, we also give students an opportunity to become Head Boy, Head Girl, Joint Secretary and Asst. Joint Secretary of the school.