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Transforming Education: Innovative Learning Studios at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

The learning studios at Chitkara International School exhibit the various learning centers specifically designed to provide a hands – on learning experience. Learning studios or learning labs whatever you may call, signify the research culture at our school. The tools needed for the research are made available for the students. There is a philosophy behind these learning studios which govern the concept of each and every learning lab at Chitkara. Outside every door of the learning studio, a question mark is well displayed on the door that gives the child the freedom to question. No question is unintelligent question; “Aeroplane could fly” was a vacuous question at one point of time that was proven wrong by few researchers later. This is what every student and faculty at Chitkara School believe in.

The school provides the student with the latest equipments and apparatuses for the science labs to stimulate innovation through multi-sensory environment to ensure that students learn while experimenting.

The Composite Science Lab

The Composite Science lab is marked by a state –of –the art infrastructure that is needed for any experiment at any level. The lab, merging the elements of physics, biology and chemistry, provides the scope of group experiments as well as caters to the individual learning needs of a child. The apparatus and the environment are research friendly, child-friendly and all the safety parameters have been duly complied to ensure the comfort of the child. Enhancing the scientific temperament of children, the lab provides a platform to the child to reason, question, analyze, understand and perform at varying levels of learning and understanding science.

The Canvas Theatre

As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve. Most significant perhaps is when children feel great while they are creating thus helping them boost their self-confidence. This inspiriting environment is provided to the students of CIS at ‘The Canvas Theatre’ and students here love to bring their imagination to life. Here the art and craft are products of a child’s creativity and when these creative seeds are nurtured in the right manner, masterpieces are made. This beautiful art space is embossed with colourful motifs and an aura to give wings to our young minds.


The animation and media lab of Chitkara International School, ‘#FootageSquare provides a platform to the students of the school that facilitates hands-on learning. The lab is well-equipped with various animation and media tools employed in recording, filming, editing etc. The audio-visual, clay modelling, and game design components are also important parts of this state of the art lab. This lab helps students in myriad ways to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Mathemagic Lab

This lab is a place where the entire environment is full of Mathematics and Magic. This is also a place that caters to the needs of the young learners and instills an inclination for maths naturally as a part of their learning process. It also provides the scope of group as well as individual learning. The primary aim of our mathematics lab is to enable students develop their ability in mathematical problem solving. We depend on the use of different manipulatives to learn and make mathematics fun.

Megabytes & i-Class (Technology Labs)

Technology is a very essential part of our curriculum and it starts right from the Pre-primary level. Therefore to facilitate individual practice, the school has a well-equipped Technology Lab that has adequate number of computers and educational softwares that provide the child with necessary technology experience. Our every classroom is a technology lab in itself, with smart class approach- touch screens, audio-video systems, e-beams and the digital content to cater the individual learning needs of the child.

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