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Ignite Your Child’s Potential: Junior School at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

The Junior School at Chitkara International School provides an immersive and stimulating learning environment tailored for a child’s initial educational journey. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the school’s curriculum spans various developmental stages, emphasising a five-year Foundational stage, followed by Preparatory, Middle, and Secondary stages.

The levels within Kindergarten—Chicklets, Nestling, Fledgling, and Cygnets—symbolise the progression of a young bird learning to soar, mirrored in the school’s infrastructure. Corridors adorned with open courtyards and knowledge walkways foster a vibrant atmosphere, encouraging real-life experiences for students.

Distinct floors like the Jungle Safari, Underwater World, “M,” and “W” offer more than just visual stimuli; they inspire students to think expansively beyond conventional imagery and limited vocabulary. The infrastructure is meticulously crafted to cater to the psychology of young learners. Air-conditioned classrooms with controlled temperatures, complemented by elements such as open courtyards, strike a balance between comfort and nature.

The school boasts a Wi-Fi-enabled environment, equipped with projectors, e-beams, and touch screens to deliver a research-based curriculum for kindergarteners, facilitating a dynamic and enriching learning experience. Innovatively designed furniture, including features like the Outlook Express, Activity Corner, Weather Chart Display, Mobile Racks, and Ceiling Fixtures, all contribute to the learning environment’s efficacy.

Classrooms are envisioned as hubs of inquiry, stimulating young minds to explore, express, and question. Washrooms are tailored to suit the needs and comfort of the young learners. Access to the auditorium, activity room, monitored play areas, and engaging installations like PlayStations add diversity to students’ learning experience.

The school’s design, featuring exciting ramps, railings, adequate lighting, and ventilation, ensures an engaging and child-friendly environment. The inclusion of a Musical Bell welcoming new teachers further adds an engaging touch to the school’s ambience.

Chitkara International School’s junior wing aims to acclimatise children to the school setting, providing a supportive and comfortable environment for the students’ educational journey.