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Broaden Horizons: Educational & Industry Visits at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

Educational visits are eagerly anticipated by school children as they create enduring experiences and memories. These visits provide a dynamic learning environment that aligns with students’ natural curiosity, engaging even those with shorter attention spans while placing the subject matter in a real-world context.

At CIS, we firmly believe that students gain an enriched understanding of the world through these excursions, a perspective that is difficult to replicate within the confines of a classroom.

    Our objectives in planning and executing educational trips at CIS are multifaceted:

    • Building Confident Individuals: These trips aim to shape attitudes, elevate aspirations, and foster adaptability. Challenging experiences and interaction with peers help students become more self-assured and versatile, crucial for their overall development.

    • A smoother Transition: Educational visits contribute significantly to students’ personal, social, and emotional growth, particularly during critical school transitions. This aids in their seamless progression from primary to secondary school and through other vital stages, aligning with our educational mission.

    • Bridging the gap:A core focus at CIS is bridging the academic-industry gap. Industrial visits form an integral part of our curriculum, exposing students to the operational dynamics of various companies and educational institutions. These visits offer insights into practical aspects of their academic courses that cannot be fully grasped through lectures alone. Our school has organised visits to institutions such as Chitkara University in Rajpura and Baddi, Verka Milk Plant, I.T. Park Chandigarh, IMTECH, Government Museum and Art Gallery, FORTIS Hospital, RBI Chandigarh, and various other locations, enhancing the students’ learning experiences.