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Embrace the Digital Edge: Technology Integration at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

Technology at Chitkara International School aids our students to enjoy the learning process and stakeholders to stay connected.

Technology is an important part of education at Chitkara International School. We believe that students should engage with the tools of their generation to collaborate, communicate and be the producers of technology and information, not just consumers.

Our Technology Hub comprises of following facilities:

  • SchoolPad (School Nervous System)

The School Nervous System enables the parents to watch their child develop social and academic skills day by day and they can take pleasure in knowing how well their child is being nurtured and inspired. SchoolPad can help them to be in touch with the institution as frequently as they want. The more involved parents and teachers are with students, the more likely it is that the students will succeed.

Using SchoolPad, parents can take regular feedback and advice from teachers and the Principal, as it allows and encourages active participation in a child’s education leading to complete support and better marks. SchoolPad creates a way for parents to be active players in the educational process without sacrificing time and convenience.

  • SchoolPad facilitates parents to

  • SchoolPad facilitates parents to
  • Check the attendance of their child anytime from anywhere in the world
  • View important faculty comments/Principal’s communication
  • Access up-to-date fee payment details online
  • Communicate through Email with faculty
  • View their child’s progress regularly
  • View important administration notices
  • School Mobile App

CIS has also initiated the School Mobile App, the parents can download this mobile application and can get quick updates/ information with regards to the student’s time table, syllabus, topic wise performance, pictures of classroom activities, names and pictures of classmates and teachers, fee due and payment receipts, ongoing/upcoming events and their results, date sheets , study tips from the academic team, general guidance from the school counsellor and doctor and number of fun quizzes and games to engage in. SchoolPad App has helped in making the system more efficient which has resulted in happy and satisfied parents and school.

  • E-Beam – Interactive Board Technology

The E-Beam is a compact device that turns the existing whiteboard into an interactive classroom workspace. The E-Beam receiver, at just 6 inches across and 4.5 ounces, fits seamlessly into the corner of any existing whiteboard and can activate up to 8 feet of board space.

E-Beam brings meaningful technology integration and digital resources into the classroom in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. It allows one to re-use, improve, and share teacher-created multimedia content using the basic whiteboard and a standard PC. E-Beam magically converts the vanilla whiteboard into a completely interactive smart board thus enabling an interactive and creative session in the class.

  • Extramarks

Every classroom at CIS is equipped with digital content to support the classroom teaching-learning environment. The school has tied up with Extramarks.
Extramarks is based on the Cognitive Learning Approach – a widely accepted theory on the learning process. According to it, there is a close relationship between “what we know” and “what we need to learn.” So by associating new material with something familiar, students can better understand and retain new information. It caters to classes across all learning levels.

Extramarks comes with various features like Adaptive Learning, Scheduler, Progress tracker and Collaborative learning with various groups of learners across the globe. Students can make and share their own notes with others for better retention.
With the comprehensive use of all these new applications, Chitkara International School is putting itself firmly in the camp of engagement with cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies to improve student learning. With greater access to information on-demand, teachers and students are free to pursue individualised, inquiry-based work at school as well as at home.

  • Coding Boot Camp

Coding is the Buzzword for this tech-driven generation. The youth is driven towards creating Apps to make life simpler. App development requires knowledge of coding for which CIS organises various Coding Boot Camps. These camps focus on identifying a problem and then thinking of ways to solve the problems in the form of App creation. Basic introduction is imparted to develop an interest in students for coding.

  • Butterfly Edulite kits by Butterfly Edufields

Scientific knowledge helps to discover new technologies and find solutions to many practical problems. Therefore to understand science as a subject in an exciting and more practical way, the school has Butterfly Edulite Kits. These hands-on kits are used to give demonstrations of the lessons which further help to attain the focus of individual student as well as aiding in the concept clarity. The process of learning science is intertwined with application learning through these hands-on Kits.

  • E-Learning

Virtual connectivity is of paramount importance for Chitkara International School (CIS), and the school’s stakeholders remain well-connected, throughout the year, via the school’s ERP system, SchoolPad.

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