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Embrace the Digital Edge: Technology Integration at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

“Technology at Chitkara International School facilitates student engagement in the learning process and ensures stakeholders remain connected.”

Technology integration is an integral part of education at Chitkara International School. We believe students should engage with tools of their generation to collaborate, communicate, and become creators of technology and information, not just consumers.

Our Technology Hub encompasses the following facilities:

  • SchoolPad (School Nervous System)

The School Nervous System empowers parents to observe their child’s social and academic growth daily, providing insight into their child’s nurturing and inspiration. SchoolPad keeps parents connected with the institution as frequently as they desire.

Using SchoolPad, parents gain regular feedback and guidance from teachers and the Principal, enabling active participation in their child’s education for comprehensive support and improved academic performance. It offers a way for parents to be actively involved in the educational process without sacrificing time and convenience. SchoolPad enables parents to:

  • SchoolPad facilitates parents to

  • Check their child’s attendance from anywhere globally.
  • Access crucial faculty comments and the Principal’s communication.
  • View up-to-date fee payment details online.
  • Communicate via Email with faculty.
  • Regularly monitor their child’s progress.
  • Access essential administrative notices.
  • School Mobile App

The School Mobile App allows parents to access quick updates/information about students’ timetables, syllabus, topic-wise performance, classroom activities, classmates’ and teachers’ details, fee status, ongoing/upcoming events and results, date sheets, study tips, general guidance, quizzes, and games. The SchoolPad App enhances efficiency, resulting in content, engaged parents, and a satisfied school.

  • E-Beam – Interactive Board Technology

E-Beam transforms existing whiteboards into interactive classroom workspaces. This compact device seamlessly activates up to 8 feet of board space, fostering meaningful technology integration and providing digital resources in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. E-Beam converts standard whiteboards into interactive smart boards, promoting engaging and creative classroom sessions.

  • ExtraMarks

Every classroom at CIS is equipped with digital content to support the teaching-learning environment, partnering with ExtraMarks. Based on the Cognitive Learning Approach, Extramarks help associate new material with familiar concepts, aiding in better understanding and retention. It caters to classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12, offering Adaptive Learning, Scheduler, Progress tracker, and Collaborative learning features. Students can create and share notes for enhanced retention.

Through the comprehensive use of these applications, Chitkara International School embraces cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies to enhance student learning. Increased access to on-demand information allows teachers and students to pursue individualised, inquiry-based work both at school and at home.

  • Coding Boot Camp

Coding is imperative in this tech-driven generation. CIS organises various Coding Boot Camps that focus on identifying problems and developing App-based solutions, introducing students to coding basics.

  • Butterfly Edulite Kits by Butterfly Edufields

To facilitate exciting and practical science learning, CIS employs Butterfly Edulite Kits, allowing hands-on demonstrations of lessons. These kits engage individual students, aiding in concept clarity through applied learning.

  • E-Learning

Virtual connectivity is paramount at Chitkara International School. Amid the global pandemic, the school swiftly shifted from physical to digital environments, delivering quality education through effective e-learning strategies and digital learning tools.

  • Learning Management System

The school utilises the efficient Learning Management System (LMS) – Microsoft Teams, providing students with IDs and passwords. Alongside academic lessons, co-curricular activities, and health and counselling sessions, the school shares informative resources like Home Timetables, Worksheets, Video links, Textbook PDFs, and more.

  • Canva

CIS collaborates with the CANVA Tools Application, offering a creative platform. Canva is an online design tool for creating posters, slideshows, photos, event flyers, and more with professional quality, allowing students to demonstrate their knowledge in unique ways.