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Bridging the Gap: School Academia & Industry Interface at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

School Academia Industry Interface allows our students to interact with the Industry professionals, educationists, leaders and entrepreneurs who have actually made a mark in their respective industries. We know that active industry-academic interface is required to achieve the goal of grooming “industry ready” students who are well rounded and quick learners. We offer a wide range of opportunities and programmes that enable our students to confidently participate in the diverse student community. Moreover, Students are engaged in various workshops spanning the hours as mandated by various statutory bodies. The school also has Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Workshops in place, based on which the various Workshops are planned and organised.

  • Change the Game Sessions (CTG Sessions)

Selecting a right stream & career is the most important decision for the students and parents. A significant amount of confusion exists amongst the students related to the availability of appropriate career choices and path. We realise that our students are the foundation of the new knowledge-based Indian economy. Change the Game (CTG) – is our School Academia-Industry Interface which allows our students to interact with the industry professionals, educationists, leaders and entrepreneurs who have actually made a mark in their respective industries.

Chitkara International School has recently relaunched “Change the Game” Session as CTG 2.0. It is a fresher, restructured & updated version of its preceding School and Academia-Industry Interface

  • Workshops/Sessions

A lot of one on one structured career counselling sessions with the parents and students are conducted. During these interactions, students/parents put forward their top-of-mind doubts and queries related to various career options available within India and abroad. Sessions are planned to educate the students along with their parents about the current Industry scenario and changes happening with existing education paradigm.

  • Educational Industry Visits

Educational visits are a significant part of the curriculum at Chitkara International School. Educational Industrial visits and field trips add a lot of practical knowledge to learning. CIS has organised visits to Chitkara University, Rajpura and Baddi, Verka Milk Plant, I.T Park Chandigarh, IMTECH, Government Museum and Art Gallery, FORTIS Hospital, RBI Chandigarh, and many other places. It is an approach to learning that makes planned, regular and effective use of experiences outside the classroom to excite, motivate and challenge student programmes.

  • Internships

Chitkara International School, firmly believes in providing practical exposure and real-world experience to its students. To achieve this, the school has established a robust internship programme exclusively designed for students in Grades 11 and 12. For the same, the school has designed The Industry Immersion Handbook to enable the students to have the finest internship experience at reputed organisations. Inspired by David A Kolbe’s Experiential Learning Theory (ELT), the Industry Immersion Programme at CIS has four stages: Learner (Concrete Experience), Observer (Reflective Observation), Performer (Abstract Conceptualization) and Achiever (Active Experimentation).

  • Encouraging Job Shadowing for an Insightful Learning Experience

At Chitkara International School, it is believed that learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Practical exposure and first-hand experiences play a crucial role in shaping students’ career paths. To facilitate this, the school actively encourages the students to participate in job shadowing opportunities. Job shadowing allows students to accompany professionals in their chosen fields and observe their day-to-day activities. By shadowing industry experts, students gain valuable insights into the work environment, industry dynamics, and specific roles and responsibilities. It provides them with a unique opportunity to explore different career options and make informed decisions about their future pursuits.