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Life at junior school is normally full of colours but when the child enters to the Senior School, the scary world encompasses him and his childhood tends to lose into a non-exciting and dark world of structured and threatened schooling which is not the case at Chitkara International School. Our Senior school is equally colourful and exciting with a similar Selfie Signage now a bigger one, the similar activity corner which is now maintained by the students themselves without the teacher’s intervention and the same cubbies now turning into individualized lockers with a key that could be attached to their I-cards. Every floor in the senior school is governed by philosophy and representing essential learning outcomes and the same is registered by students while passing through the corridors and walkways of the senior school. The slides mark “learning while walking” approach which is the innovation done at Chitkara International School for the past ten years while developing the school, which is its intellectual property right. Also, the senior school is well equipped with projectors and touch screen with e-beams in all the classrooms and digital content on the server mapped to the CBSE curriculum. Also fully air-conditioned but well-monitored temperature classrooms with wi-fi facility make the child comfortable in school quenching his thirst to inquire and research.

Also, the Learning Studios (labs), Sports room, computer labs, music room, Dance studio, well-being room and lifestyle education room provide an enriching learning experience at the Senior School. The access to the auditorium, activity rooms, outside fields and play courts is imperative for nurturing talent at the Senior School. Research is the Unique Sharing (not selling) Point (USP) at Chitkara International School and the Senior School earnestly endorses it.

Thus, Senior School is more of a research centre that nurtures a child to hunt for excellence than merely a centre for rote learning.

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