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At Chitkara International School, we value our employees as our most significant asset, prioritising their interests and welfare. Our commitment lies in fostering their growth and development while upholding the culture and values of our institution.

Pillars of CIS (Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff)

Recognising the pivotal role of knowledgeable individuals in shaping the future, our team consists of experienced, qualified, and dedicated teachers and non-teaching staff. These professionals continually engage in research and adopt the latest methodologies to achieve our organisational objectives.

We boast a team of experienced, hardworking, innovative, and talented individuals, creating an ideal learning environment at CIS. We offer distinctive:

Faculty Development

Aligned with the National Education Policy and Sustainable Development Goal 4, our systematic approach involves various faculty development programs, empowering our educators and fostering their personal and professional growth. These programs comply with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for Continuous Professional Development and are endorsed by the National Education Policy 2020. Our staff receives regular appraisals, incentives, and recognitions based on their performance.


Beyond an institution, we operate as a supportive family, catering to the needs of our faculty members. Our environment embodies quality, support, and diligence. Our “Gourmet Lab” serves as a recreational space, complemented by facilities like the Crèche and a well-being room, providing relaxation opportunities.

Inventive edge

Encouraging innovation is ingrained in our ethos. We empower our teachers to explore new ideas, aiding in textbook design, academic framework construction, and the development of innovative projects. CIS offers diverse growth opportunities through workshops and exchange programs.

The Backbone of CIS (Support Staff)

Our support staff forms the backbone of CIS, providing essential instructional assistance and fostering a safe learning environment. They play a crucial role in ensuring a positive and supportive atmosphere for all students, making workflows smoother and connecting diligently with the school community.


We seek self-motivated, creative, and dedicated individuals, eager to learn, grow, and stay updated with the latest trends. We value emotional intelligence and the ability to manage emotions positively.

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