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Inspiring Growth: Workshops at Chitkara International School, Panchkula

Chitkara International School is always inclined and directed towards fabricating the holistic development of the teachers through various workshops in and out of the school. The workshops aim to churn out and refine their learning and teaching abilities in an unprecedented way. These workshops take both academics and recreation into consideration which eventually act as the edifice of empowered learning and teaching.

  • Workshops/Programmes for School Teachers

Teaching is an extremely vibrant field with continuous innovations in pedagogy, curriculum and technology. It is due to this that it becomes imperative to provide continuous and sustainable opportunities to enhance the skills and competencies of the educators. We organise various workshops/programmes for teachers and motivate them to attend workshops/programmes outside for their pedagogical and pragmatic learning. Our interactive workshops on Making lesson plans and Teacher’s Diary, Early Numeracy and Reading Comprehension, Induction Programmes, Buddy Teaching, Corporal Punishment etc. leverage the faculty’s passions and help all teachers to bring about tangible results vis-à-vis teaching. These programmes & workshops have been designed as per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education for 50 Hours of Continuous Professional Development for Teachers, Head Teachers and Teacher Educators based on National Education Policy 2020.

  • Workshops for Non- Teaching Faculty

Non-teaching faculty at a school plays a vital role in supporting teaching and learning in schools. The workshops are intended to enlighten the faculty on a plethora of subjects ranging from personal development to sharpening the skills. Our regular workshops in school also develop professional attributes and make the staff stand out. The workshops on Media literacy, Child Rights, Basic Life Support by Fortis Hospital etc. are few of the many examples to be cited.

  • Workshops for Support Staff

The support staff is the backbone of Chitkara International School and to add to their already existing reservoir of workplace readiness, the school constantly conducts workshops. The participants of the workshop include the staff from the security, sanitation, transport, electrical support, drivers and helpers. The workshop covers an array of topics like professional grooming, first aid, the significance of sanitation, disaster management etc. It also acts as a platform to build teamwork, have a better situation and conflict management, improving professional communication and so on.

  • Technology Framework

The technology is embedded in the entire process of teaching, learning and assessment at Chitkara School and that is what makes it a school of 21st century learners. The technology framework is spread all over the school whether academically or otherwise. It not just covers the scholastic part but also extends its scope beyond academics thus becoming a powerful catalyst for pedagogical change by introducing TEK -8 a complete hands-on technology curriculum comprising of 7 modules namely Computer Science, Electronics, Mobile technology, Automobiles, Robotics, Household technology, Energy Management. This innovative curriculum has collaboratively designed by the Subject Matter Experts and Faculty Members of R&D Team (Research & Development) of Chitkara University and Chitkara International School.

The modules are well researched and mapped according to the present and futuristic needs of each and every learner, thus making him/her a part of hi-tech world and according to the future industrial needs. The Technology framework for the academic areas also involves digital learning through various aids like SchoolPad, ExtraMarks etc. Thus, the technology is like an umbrella that cushions the teaching, learning and assessment at Chitkara International School.

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