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Stroke Master (Chicklets to Cygnets)


Greetings Chitkara International School, Panchkula, gears up to host an illuminating event titled “Stroke Masters” for endearing students of Chicklets to Cygnets

Chitkara International School, Panchkula, is excited to announce its upcoming event, “Stroke Masters,” designed to engage and enlighten its beloved students from Chicklets to Cygnets. As children learn to recognise and write letter strokes, they gain the ability to identify them in any new letter they encounter, facilitating the printing of letters with focused training. Initially, children are introduced to pre-writing strokes, which consist of various lines and figures that serve as the foundation for constructing letters and numbers. These pre-writing strokes are fundamental building blocks for handwriting, empowering children to approach handwriting with greater ease once mastered. The event aims to foster active participation among the little Chitkarians, nurturing their handwriting skills and promoting a love for learning.

The school eagerly anticipates the enthusiastic involvement of its student’s in the Stroke Masters activity!