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Chitkara International School is dedicated to fostering the holistic development of its teachers through a diverse array of workshops conducted both within and outside the school premises. These workshops are crafted to refine and enhance teaching and learning abilities in a comprehensive manner, integrating academics and recreation to form the cornerstone of empowered education.

  • Workshops/Programmes for School Teachers

Teaching is a dynamic field with continuous advancements in pedagogy, curriculum, and technology. Therefore, it is vital to continuously provide sustainable opportunities for educators to augment their skills and competencies. We organise various workshops and encourage teachers to attend external programmes to enrich their pedagogical and practical learning. Our interactive workshops, such as Making Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Diary, Early Numeracy and Reading Comprehension, Induction Programmes, Buddy Teaching, and addressing issues like Corporal Punishment, harness the faculty’s passions, resulting in tangible teaching outcomes. These programmes align with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for 50 Hours of Continuous Professional Development, based on the National Education Policy 2020.

  • Workshops for Non-Teaching Faculty

The non-teaching faculty plays a pivotal role in supporting the teaching and learning environment. Workshops designed for them cover a wide range of subjects, enhancing personal development and honing their skills. Regular in-house workshops focus on Media Literacy, Child Rights, Basic Life Support by Apollo Hospital, among other essential topics, ensuring professional growth and distinction among the staff.

  • Workshops for Support Staff

The support staff constitutes the backbone of Chitkara International School. To augment their existing skill set, the school consistently conducts workshops for security, sanitation, transport, electrical support, drivers, and helpers. These workshops cover various areas such as professional grooming, first aid, the significance of sanitation, and disaster management. Additionally, they serve as a platform to enhance teamwork, improve situational and conflict management, and refine professional communication.

Chitkara International School remains committed to providing a comprehensive framework for the continual growth and development of its entire staff. Through a spectrum of tailored workshops, the school ensures a holistic approach to nurturing and refining skills, promoting a culture of continual learning and growth, ultimately enriching the school community at large.