Admission Helpline

The Principal and the Team

‘Our Team’ consists of the key personnel of the school that works relentlessly to materialise innovative ideas related to the school’s curriculum and other activities. Being profoundly creative and intellectual, the team members and the school’s faculty endeavour to cater to the futuristic educational needs of Generation Z with utmost rigour and exactness. The school consciously understands the imperativeness of quality education and, thus, has instituted a highly professional and collaborative teaching culture that enhances the student’s performance. Besides being tech-savvy and well-trained, each team member deeply understands children’s behaviour. A tender heart remains indispensable for righteous action for the above academic qualifications.


Dr. Honey Chitkara | The Cornerstone of CIS Dominion

Associate Director & Principal

Dr. Honey Chitkara is the key fundament for school strength and reflects a promising vision for the school to reach the zenith of success. She, as the Principal & Associate Director of the school, is a firm believer of nurturing raw individual talent in addition to being a dynamic and committed leader and a conscientious human being who works continuously towards imparting education of superlative quality to the children.

Dr. Chitkara is a lifelong learner, innate leader, and team player, with an extensive experience of over 19 years in the educational field, and strong academic credentials, which include Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Diploma in Textile Designing, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Master of Arts in Education, and Doctor of Education (PhD).

Through her research and subsequent thesis on “Using Students’ Feedback to Improve Teaching Effectiveness based on Kaizen Philosophy of Continuous Improvement”, Dr. Chitkara emphatically highlighted the significance of collecting, analysing, and using feedback of students for continual elevation of teaching and schooling mechanisms. Out of the four research papers written by her, two have been published and two have been presented at the International Level.

Her paper on “Use of Students’ Feedback in Improving Teaching Effectiveness” has been published by Turkish Online Journal, whereas her paper on “The Role of Students’ Feedback in Improving Teaching Effectiveness: A Thoughtful Study through Kaizen’s Philosophy” has been published by Sambodhi Journal. In this regard, Dr. Chitkara presented her insights through her informative paper on “Students’ Feedback for Improving Teaching Effectiveness: A Thoughtful Study through Kaizen’s Philosophy” at the international conference organised by the Management Department, IMS Ghaziabad University Course Campus. Another paper titled “The Importance of Students’ Feedback for Teaching Effectiveness: Survey Methodology”, was presented by her at the international conference organised by Poornima University, Jaipur.

As the building block of CIS, Dr. Chitkara is actively engaged in devising strategies, modes, and means of education. She tactfully maneuvers the admission processes and executes all academic and administrative activities, which include implementation of curriculum, bi-monthly planners, dosages, and worksheets, non-scholastic and co-curricular methodologies, research and development of curriculum and developing and reviewing different teaching methodologies. Dr. Chitkara’s focus further lies on the latest technological advancement, on the grounds of which, she successfully initiated Online Support Services for parents and teachers at CIS. She additionally emphasises on MOOCs, app-based coding, online communicative learning tool usage, online content creation, and online assessment, for enhancing the efficacy of various educational mechanisms. Correspondingly, heading and supervising the Digital Skilling for Educators programme under CBSE’s Carte-Blanche School Project 2023-24, Dr. Honey herself remains a qualified Microsoft Educator.

As a righteous woman, Dr. Chitkara has invariably led her team with grace and honesty. Her commendable vision and steadfast determination to edify the scholars, faculty, and society alike have been constant sources of inspiration for everyone around her. It is for this reason that she has been rightly felicitated with numerous awards and honours. She has achieved the “National Leadership Award” for leadership in co-curricular education, which was presented to her by ScoolStars. She has also been awarded the “Teachers Glory Award-2020” by Universal Business School for her exemplary contribution in the field of education. Moreover, Dr. Chitkara was bestowed with the prestigious “Excellence in Instructional Leadership Award” by the Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) organization at “India’s Inspiring Teachers’ Awards 2021”.

Her involvement in effectively ameliorating the education sector additionally made her the proud recipient of “EEC Award 2022”, which was presented to her for her outstanding contributions to the sector by Azvasa, Credo Learnings, Acer, Quest and Ek Updesh Media & CED. The dedicated educationist was also awarded the coveted “Outstanding Leadership Award 2023”, bestowed upon her by EGN INDIA, Study ‘n’ Learn. Not to mention, Dr. Chitkara’s distinct perspectives on teaching and student edification have been applauded by many other renowned organisations across fields, which includes RED FM 93.5 that conferred upon her the prestigious “Tricity Educators’ Award 2023”. A Certificate of Recognition was further awarded to Dr. Chitkara for her significant efforts and contribution in school education by Elets at the Elets Education Innovation Summit. Notably, Dr Chitkara was also recognised for rendering her distinguished support during Month-Long Mass Celebration of World Children’s Day 2023, as she received the Award of Appreciation from the Honourable Chairperson of Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR). Not to mention, serving as a testament to Dr. Chitkara’s visionary persona as a teacher, mentor, and leader, the Department of Education honoured Dr. Chitkara with the coveted State Award on the notable occasion of Teachers’ Day 2023. Also, in the month of November 2023, FairGaze in its monthly edition of Scoolastic News Magazine published an insightful article on “Chitkara International School’s Soft Skills Readiness Curriculum Promises Future”, authored by Dr Honey Chitkara & Dr Niyati Chitkara, Director, Chitkara International School, Chandigarh and Panchkula. Also, under her diligent guidance, Chitkara International School won the First Rank in Education World India School Ranking 2023-24 in the Co-Ed Day School Category.

With great sincerity, Dr. Chitkara also actively promotes the internationalisation of education and believes in collaborating with reputable international organisations for the ultimate benefit of learners. In this regard, Dr. Chitkara has engaged in student exchange programs like the USA East Coast Career Exploratory Programme. She has further attended the Model United Conference at Stanford University, USA, School Immersion Program in UK, and Language Expedition Programme in Switzerland with school students, rendering worthwhile learning experiences and exposure to students.
Dr. Chitkara has served as the resourceful Mentor for the promising EDUREFORM Project of the European Union and Erasmus+ Programme, which aims at mitigating the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the field of teaching.

As an integral member of the Mentor team from CIS, Dr Honey is actively involved in conducting trainings on the school’s pedagogical tools like “Brainwork” and “Multi-perspective Teaching (MPT)” at the project’s national and international partner institutions, including the EDUREFORM’s first Vocational Training at CIS, Chandigarh, the 3-Day vocational training at Chitkara University, Punjab and the project’s third vocational training at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra. By dint of her flair for writing and vast educational knowledge, Dr Honey further has contributed and co-authored the promising chapters “Brainwork”, “Multi-perspective Teaching”, and “The Teaching Interplay for honing analytical, critical and creative thinking skills” that have been included in the enriching EDUREFORM Handbook for Innovative Pedagogy. Not to mention, in her endeavours of promoting teaching excellence, Dr Chitkara has delivered the innovative lesson plan “STEM-SET-GO” at the groundbreaking EDUREFORM Expo, held at Chitkara University that elucidated the effective incorporation of STEM-based learning in classrooms.

Indubitably, her research-based ideas and strategies for merging academics and co-curricular activities at CIS make her an effective yet complete facilitator, educator, and leader. In the very essence, Dr. Chitkara ardently believes that “Education exists everywhere, from the informal environment of family to the formal wings of the school; it is continuous, bonded and grand…”

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Aasheesh Bhatnagar | An Effervescent

Director – Office of Academic Support

Aasheesh Bhatnagar is the draughtsman of CIS’s Industry-Academia collaboration, admissions and event strategies. He has over two decades of experience in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for the promotion of products and services related to Information Technology (IT), IT Education, Internet education, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), BPO-KPO, Nursing education and diagnostic assessment for students from grade 3 to 10.

A Post Graduate in Statistics and a Science graduate, his avid engrossment in the education system led him to carve a niche in devising student learning techniques. He has initiated educational ERP for schools, colleges and universities, thus, coming up with a distinctive concept: School Pad and College Pad. This concept has assisted in bridging the gap between parents and the school.

Apart from this, he also believes in experiential learning. With innovative event organisation, he renders an out-of-the-box learning environment for the students. TEDx and a session on Mumbai Dabbawalas are some of his initiatives that promoted influential ideas and helped fabricate student life skills. Over the years, he has strengthened guest relations with the promotion of School Academy Industry Interface (SATT), where he and his team liaison with leading industry professionals who share their best practices at a challenging platform and thus build a substantial academic industry. Overseeing admissions as Admissions Director, he regularly engages with prospective and existing parents to provide vision and direction of present and future education scenarios. His ebullient and hospitable disposition helps resolve parents’ grievances at entry and exit levels. He conducts training and seminars for staff members to instil positive team moraleand leadership skills. The whole process is documented through noteworthy PowerPoint Presentations, which introduce the school’s vision to the audience. His strong association with the press and a fine blend of corporate experience have resulted in devising deep strategies for promoting, marketing and building a positive brand image for CIS.

In amalgamation with the Office of International affairs, he is also associated with the Students’ Exchange programme and assists in supplying pragmatic exposure to students through international visits. He believes in giving students unprecedented experience, so he can undoubtedly be called a promoter of the avant-garde.

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Kiran Singh | Ms Expedient

Dean – Examination & Administration

Kiran Singh is the dauntless spirit of CIS. An affectionate yet stalwart educator and administrator of the school, she is a diligent and highly organised operator and academic leader. She holds a Master of Arts degree in History and a Master of Education degree, which assisted her in becoming a tireless researcher in every field of Education.

She enjoys the credit of solely constructing and successfully managing, supervising and running the Department of Hindi for the past ten years and is also an efficient Research and Development coordinator. She has been experimenting with new and novel teaching-learning techniques with evolving time and needs to support individualised learning and help students explore the zenith. Her innovation of teaching and learning modes reaches every possible subject and ranges from book designing to tech-savvy methods. She oversees and administers the various Olympiads and Competitive Examinations with full fervour and strategic implementation. As a SPOC (Sole Point of Contact), her motherly and loving disposition motivates the students and makes it easy for them to scale through learning demands. Moreover, she duly ensures the ethical conduct of research and for establishing and maintaining a culture of compliance and integrity among faculty, staff and students.

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Amardeep Singh Virk | The Opalite

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr Amardeep Singh Virk is a tranquillising aura of CIS. As a chief administrative officer, he reflects his engrossment in parent connection, query solving, implementing education-based administrative systems, procedures, and strategies, monitoring administrative projects, and maintaining suggestion programmes for parents and guardians. His benefaction also lies in handling operations, sensitive concerns and information relating to staff, parents and students, monitoring discipline, and engaging in policymaking. He believes Education is a source of real-life wisdom and character-building. Thus, as a fundamental administrator and facilitator, he puts all his efforts towards actualising a student-friendly education system and environment.

Mr Virk has 21 years of experience in the Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) as an Inspector and as Assistant Personnel Welfare Officer in Foreign Service (Deputation with the Ministry of External Affairs) at the High Commission of India, South Africa and Bangladesh. DG/RPF has applauded him on two occasions, and he has been awarded DG/RPF Insignia for his commendable work. He also has credited the commendation from the High Commissioner of India in Bangladesh for his exceptional work. He cushions parent satisfaction and student benefits by fitting and aptly handling the grievance cell through his expert solutions and resolutions for all the appeals and queries.

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Shalini Somra – The Fastidious

Vice Principal & SPOC for Class 10

Shalini Somra is the zestful and dynamic personality of Chitkara International School. She is an endearing and assiduous team worker. As the school’s Vice Principal, she effectively manages and facilitates instructional systems at all levels. She also vigilantly supervises the work and functioning of the School Administration. She is a talented, vivacious, and an exemplary individual. Moreover, as the SPOC (Sole Point of Contact), she tackles, assesses, and provides feedback on student learning, performance, and evaluation and ensures proper and regular study. Furthermore, she is an indispensable part of CIS’s enterprising School Innovation Council (SIC).

She assists the principal in the general governance and leadership of the school. She ensures student discipline, healthy classroom milieu and fulfilment of teaching-learning objectives. She also plays a significant role in catalysing the academic success of students by helping to develop new curricula, evaluating teachers, and dealing with school-community & industry relations.

Additionally, she frequently serves as an educational alchemist by training staff on innovative methods of assessments and curriculum. She makes effective decisions and solves problems by analysing information and selecting the best solution, along with developing cooperative and constructive working relationships. She performs daily administrative tasks such as processing paperwork and preparing or maintaining information files, records and reports and also handles complaints, resolve conflicts or grievances and settles disputes. She makes good on her 14 years of experience, extensive knowledge, and skills in order to deal with the responsibilities of students and staff on a daily basis.

She is a science enthusiast with a Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She began her career as a Research Chemist before transitioning to Academics. Her inventiveness has resulted in the submission of three patents in her name and thirteen patents under her attentive tutelage. The three Patents filed under her name are Smart Mask Communicator, Cartridge for Printer and Agronic Culture. Not only that, but her innovative ideas and mentored projects have been presented in several international-level competitions, including the Deakin AI competition, A World in Motion Exhibitions, Inspire Awards- Manak National Level Competition, Swachata Saarthi Fellowship launched by the Office of Principal Scientific Advisory to the Government of India under the Waste to Wealth Mission, and various Robotics Competitions. It is due to her significant efforts that CIS has included STEM Education in its curriculum. She has contributed extensively to the smooth running of the school’s ATL Lab. Her exceptional benefactions to education have garnered her awards such as “Futuristic Faculty of India” from ReTHINK INDIA, “Best Teacher Coordinator Team Chandigarh” by Schneider Electric Foundation India, etc.

She is highly passionate and devoted to her duties as the SPOC & Vice Principal of CIS. Under her guidance and recommendations, the school has achieved various laurels.

Indeed, she is the spine of the routine flow!

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Sahbi Singh | Ms Creative

Head of Co-Curricular Programmes (Senior Wing)

Sahbi Singh is the DNA of CIS Co-Curricular Activities. A creative individual and an Activity Coordinator, her profile boasts a Master of History in Arts and a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Applied Arts). Her efforts are towards the impeccable amalgamation of Co-curricular Activities and Academics to ensure fun-filled learning for the students.

Theme-based Annual Function, Annual Sports Meets, and various Competitions are functional under her guidance, supervision, and creative proposals. She has provided the school with invaluable and innumerable suggestions, co-curricular planners, and ideas in her eight years tenure. She has been rigorously working towards building teamwork, gamesmanship, self-discipline, and hard work in every student through non-formal and informal co-curricular ways. She also serves as a uniting force by connecting University and Industry to school concerning co-curricular through the innovative idea of SQUADS at CIS, where the students put into practice their varied talents and learn with experts. She is an extraordinarily talented and creative art educator, motivating her students to elevate their imagination.

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Dr Gurpreet Bedi | The Solicitous

General Physician | Head – Office of Health and Wellness

A benign presence of CIS, Dr Gurpreet Bedi is the competent General Physician and the Head of the Office of Health and Wellness who has commendably handled the entire health department of the school on a single-handed level for more than ten years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Ayurveda in Medicine and Surgery and a Master’s in Food and Dietetics to her credit.

A dedicated and hardworking General Physician, she organises health camps in association with Indus Hospital for the students. She fervently organises counselling sessions for students, teachers and even non-teaching staff to enhance their knowledge of health issues according to the need of the hour. She unveils crucial health, food and nutrition facts with articles from the doctor’s desk. She inculcates versatile capabilities to run the Health Department of the school effectively. She believes good health is a significant factor in attaining success in life.

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Anmol Verma | The Initiator

Head of Online Support Services, Digital Outreach & Student Affairs

Anmol Verma is the diligent foreman of CIS. He oversees and initiates various programs which help develop the school comprehensively. Being a significant part of the Office of Co-curricular, he rigorously works to leverage the co-scholastic arena of the school. The theme-based Annual Function, inter-house competitions and other co-curricular activities are functional under his supervision and creative standpoint. With a Bachelor of Engineering rolled to his credit, he becomes a fundamental component of the Office of Online Support Services of the school, which ruminates and constantly works for the development of the school’s ERP system and the Social Media profiles of the school to have our prospective outreach of services to parents and students.

Apart from this, he also believes in practical and experiential learning. For him, learning is only fruitful when it is practical. With the meticulous organisation of varied Educational and Industrial visits and by heading the Office of Alumni, he renders unprecedented and practical learning experiences to the students.

His fervent engrossment in fabricating the academic framework of the school has led him to spear an insightful harpoon in the students’ lives.

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Sudarshan Pal Singh | The Artistic-Creator

Director – Office of Architecture & Design

“Flair of creating terrific designs and an enhanced ability to think outside the box” describes the grand persona of Sudarshan Pal Singh. Holding a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, he is a connoisseur of pumping his creative juices into the edifice of Chitkara International School.

Currently filling the position of Director and handling the Office of Architecture & Design, he is fervent in providing futuristic structural design to the school’s stakeholders. He has numerous years of experience in interior designing, stage & backdrop designing and other works of art. This expertise in designing and painting made him the winner of the First Prize in the Annual Art Exhibition of GCA Chandigarh in 2002 and the Second Prize in the Annual Art Exhibition 2003 of GCA, Chandigarh.

His passion for innovation and research made him a part of ‘Flux Asia,’ an international exhibition of painting and sculpture at the Fine Art Museum of Punjab University, Chandigarh, and a group show at Nandan Art Gallery, Kala Bhawan, Kolkata. He has also participated in ‘Pratiti,’ another group show at Birla Art Gallery, Kolkata, and an exhibition at Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.

Sudarshan Pal is dedicated and enthusiastic about getting the job done to a high standard that tends to accomplish goals with a more extraordinary work ethic. His architectural zeal exerted a significant role in creating and designing every artistic corner of CIS. He has dispensed his creativity in designing art spaces like CLIL Lab (Language lab), Brain-shaped Auditorium, Sports Complex, and Amphitheatre (Open Air Theatre) along with learning walkways and hallways at Chitkara University and Chitkara International School. His experimentation indicates the synthetic style of modern art and can be seen stretching from various painted murals and monuments to other aesthetically composed learning studios of the University and School.

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Dolma Pathela | The Venturesome Lead

Quality Evangelist (Manager) & English Coordinator

An enterprising and experimental holder of the pen, Ms Dolma Pathela is progressive, meticulous and a truly impassioned literary assessor. As the Quality Manager and English Coordinator at CIS, she works relentlessly to ensure high-quality practices at the school, ensuring the accuracy, coherence, and effectiveness of the school’s written communications. Also, with her creative vision and eye for detail, she remains an integral part of CIS’s enterprising School Innovation Council (SIC).

She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature and B.Sc. in Medical Science. Through her fervent involvement in the editing and scripting of school’s letters, circulars, desk letters, invitations, etc., she renders undeniable excellence to each piece of writing. Her phenomenal work as the Quality Evangelist, too, has induced exemplary audit practices at CIS and facilitated the smooth functioning of the school’s tight-knit departments. Among her many contributions remain the all-encompassing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the school for Induction and Capacity Building Programme and Document and Record Control.

She is a committed and resourceful educationist, who, on account of her meritorious contributions towards the cause of quality education, has been bestowed upon the coveted “Futuristic Faculty of India” Award by ReTHINK INDIA. Her admirable experiments with writings have often led her to create strong and compelling texts on education and other matters of significance, which have served and continue to serve as golden references of excellence. Taking her incredible journey as a writer forward, she has co-authored the book “EDUREFORM Handbook for Innovative Pedagogies”, under the EDUREFORM Project of Erasmus+ Programme, European Union, of which she is also the Mentor partner from Chitkara International Schools to the groundbreaking project. The stalwart lead is further credited to have created the school’s all-inclusive “Industry Immersion Handbook”.

Through her dedicated initiatives and supervision, she indeed remains an integral part of the school’s Core Team, as she navigates her teammates towards success with her impressive endeavours.

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Rakesh Kumar | The Concierge

Repair, Maintenance & Housekeeping Senior Manager

Mr Rakesh Kumar is a welcoming presence, organising a wonderful experience for every guest at CIS. Behind the scenes of every event, every function, and every guest visit, Mr Rakesh’s dedicated work is making them all run smoothly. From the planning stages through to the finish, every detail of cleanliness is carefully planned and supervised by him to make sure all our visitors have the best possible time here.

He graduated with a degree in Humanities and a diploma in ITI stenography (English). After 15 years of experience as a Field Investigator and Manager at a reputed private company, Mr Kumar joined the Chitkara family and is still dispensing his services to ensure maintained capacious infrastructure and hygiene in the school.

Mr Rakesh is an asset in many ways, and he frequently holds workshops for support staff to improve housekeeping work, build teamwork, situation and conflict management, professional communication and much more.

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Priyanka Behl | The Efficient Overseer

Administrative Coordinator

Ms Priyanka is the contriver of comprehensive tasks at CIS. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration and HR in Marketing to her credit.

As a resolutely dedicated administrator, she strives to promote CIS as a strong school education brand and its best educational practices. She manoeuvres parent-school relationships by inculcating effective communication, leadership, and issue-resolution skills.

She is deeply involved in the development of strategies for planning & smooth implementation of various administrative policies. She regularly engrosses with the school’s worthy parents to provide vision and direction of the education framework and other administrative requirements.

Her cheerful and hospitable countenance helps resolve parents’ grievances and queries promptly and fruitfully. She is a patient listener and effortlessly addresses all student concerns.

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Piyusha Sharma | The Knowledge Aficionado

Assistant English Language Coordinator

An adventurous and innate initiator, Ms Piyusha holds supreme command over language that makes her an effective communicator and consequentially, an eloquent speaker of the dialect of management. As an ardent writer, essayist and journalist, she is deeply involved in inscribing official letters, circulars, invitations and various operational communications of the school. She practises extreme vigilance in her duties that testifies her to be an efficient proofreader of the school’s written content, and additionally a loyal whistle-blower if required. Besides being an enterprising Assistant to the English Coordinator, she also remains a significant part of CIS’s trailblazing School Innovation Council (SIC).

Her praiseworthy Academic Credentials entail a Bachelor of Commerce (E-Commerce Honours), a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance), a Master of Arts (Political Science) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). She is a proud scholar and a University Topper who, for her Academic Excellence in M.A. Political Science, has been awarded the coveted “Certificate of Merit” at the Scholarship Awards by Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) and further stands as an Honorary Member of the prestigious Alumni Society of the University.

A meritorious and markedly spirited educationist, she holds a fresh perspective on building varied skills of learners and has contributed actively to the promising Critical and Creative Thinking Programme of City Beautiful – Chandigarh, as the UT’s Resource Person for English Language. For her commendable contributions to Content Development for Competency-based Assessment and her unwavering commitment towards promoting Critical and Creative Thinking Environment in the schools of UT Chandigarh, Ms. Sharma has been awarded the high-ranking “Certificate of Commendation” by the Education Department, Chandigarh.

She also stands as an integral member of Chitkara International School and Chitkara University’s Collaborative Research Projects in Community Service (CRPCS-2021), under which, she has earned a patent for her promising project “Encapsulated Gas Stove Knob with Flame Level Indication”.

She staunchly believes in redefining excellence with her endeavours, as she works with conviction towards turning each undertaking of her team into a huge success. Correspondingly, reflecting her writing prowess through her phenomenal works, the young meritorious State Awardee has also co-authored the all-encompassing book EDUREFORM Handbook for Innovative Pedagogies, created under the groundbreaking EDUREFORM Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and European Union. Through her thought-provoking writings and initiatives, she works dedicatedly towards elevating the educational landscape of her country, where true success, just like challenges, remains inevitable for all kinds of learners.

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Ms Nidhi | The Nurturer

Academic Coordinator- Junior Wing

Ms Nidhi owns a magnanimous personality and an acute understanding of the school’s operations. Having an admirable discerning ability, she greatly understands children’s behaviour. As a crucial member of the management, she dutifully holds reassuring ‘Chat Sessions’ with the parents to update them about their child’s weekly progress. She has played the vital role of framing child-friendly timetables for toddlers that ensure optimum growth and development of the scholar. She has also been the co-drafter of the school’s curriculum for the junior wing. Her innovativeness has undoubtedly benefited the school, for she constantly strives to effectuate ultra-modern and up-to-date teaching and learning techniques and assessment mechanisms.

Her commendable academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. An impassioned reader of literature, Ms Nidhi started her journey as a kindergarten teacher, simultaneously displaying a flair for leadership and management.

Her forte lies in her meticulousness and confidence. Her warm and caring nature makes her a true confidant of the students. As the SPOC (Sole Point of Contact), she provides an ideal link for the students, parents and teachers that enable them to come together and deliberate on a child’s progress. As a diligent team member and dutiful quality supervisor, she ensures the maintenance of supreme quality and smooth functioning of the processes of the school. For her, the comfort and continuous progress of the students remain a priority.

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Sweety | The Blithesome Executive

Quality Evangelist (Manager) & Executive – Office of Director & Associate Director

A self-motivated, energetic and professional individual with an undaunted zeal, love and passion for learning and imparting quality education is what describes Sweety as Quality Evangelist and an Executive Assistant to Director & Associate Director. As a member of the Office of Director & Associate Director, one of her signature roles includes regularly conducting various meetings. Apart from this, she is scrupulously engaged in implementing the Annual Calendar & Audit Calendar. She also looks after the continual improvement of all the systems and processes of the school to maintain the quality objectives framed in sync with the school’s mission statement.

She is a results-driven professional with numerous years of experience in Education. With B. Com & MBA degree wedged to her credit, she is a technology-savvy individual. She excels at making PowerPoint presentations and introducing the school’s vision to the audience. Quality is her primary area of persona. She has actively contributed to the Accreditation process. Also, she regularly helps achieve quality objectives through well-reasoned audits, evaluations, and analyses of operational areas.

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Capt. Sanjeev Kumar – The Observant

Administrative Head

Sanjeev Kumar has a rich experience of 40 years, out of which he has worked for the Indian Army for 8 years as an Army Officer. Much like his Army Career, he has soldiered the responsibilities of managing budgets, logistics, and events or meetings, as well as handling scheduling, record-keeping, and reporting to higher authorities. He ensures that the school complies with relevant laws and regulations. He plays a crucial role in hiring, training, and advising support staff. He acts as a moderator when there are any conflicts related to the administration. On top of all this, he develops and runs educational programmes.

He plays a crucial role in designing the school curriculum. He communicates with regulatory bodies, parents, and the public as per the requirements. He is in charge of implementing actions in terms of the school’s infrastructural developments and new guideline policies for students. He plays a central role in shaping and upholding the vision of the school.

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Jaspreet Kaur | The Technophile

Assistant Activity Coordinator- Senior Wing

Jaspreet Kaur is a creative and buoyant force of CIS. She is an ardent and experiential Technology Instructor and a vital member of the Activity Team at the school. Rolled to her credit is a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master in Computer Applications postgraduate degree. She is a brilliant teacher with ten years of experience in the educational field. An expert at her work, she has contributed substantially to the framing of Tek – 8, i.e., the school’s technology curriculum. As a member of the activity team, her contribution is towards the smooth and efficient convening of an event. Her participation explicitly showcases her initiative to supply pragmatic exposure to the students with comprehensive educational practices.


Anita Munjal | The Chargehand

Assistant Hindi Coordinator- Junior and Senior Wing

Anita Munjal is a dedicated and affectionate Hindi teacher of CIS. Her profile boasts a Master’s Degree in Hindi and a Bachelor of Education Degree, making her a dexterous Hindi instructor with a wide range of skills and vast experience. Her innovative ideas add a pleasant experience and make children’s journey quintessential. Her nine years of experience enriched her knowledge and made her a member of the Examination Cell.

Apart from this, she actively participates in the planning, implementing and reviewing of integrated curriculum programmes. Her prudence is exercised in handling the examination process and operations along with the supervision of the Examination Cell. Her coherent skills are apparent in allocating tasks and publicising books/reports. With remarkable duties and responsibilities rolled to her credit, she plays an essential role in the school.

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Lavneet Bhalla | The Demonstrator

Member – Examination Cell

Lavneet Bhalla is a conscientious member of CIS. Her profile boasts a Post-graduation Diploma in Computer Applications, a Master’s Degree in Science, and a Bachelor of Education Degree, making her a dexterous Science instructor.

Her five years of experience enrich her knowledge in every aspect, thus, maximising her comprehensive understanding for realising requisites to build a goal-oriented school. Apart from this, she is also a part of the Examination cell and Olympiad Team, where she conducts, controls and supervises several Olympiad examinations and school examinations by acting as a vigilant overseer. She avidly aspires that the students of CIS should clear the international level of MaRRS International Spell Bee and brings laurels to the institution.

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Kamaljit Kaur | The Austere

Member – Examination Cell

Kamaljit Kaur is the simpatico personage of CIS. She holds a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science to her credit. Since 1997, she has spread smiles and knowledge as a teacher and guide.

With three years of teacher training in England, she is proficient in guiding teachers with several teaching tactics to build a productive learning environment in CIS.

She is also associated with the Examination Cell and Olympiad Team, where she manoeuvres every exam efficiently with other zealous members. Her endowment as a teacher, mentor and taskmaster proved fructiferous for CIS with time. She is a committed leader who wishes to take the school to the zenith of its success and aspires for its students’ overall growth and development.

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Anshu Ahuja | The Dextrous

Assistant Coordinator of the Office of Online Support & Services

Anshu Ahuja is the adroit streak of CIS. She is an earnest, experiential and significant member of Online Support Services. Her profile boasts of a postgraduate degree in Business Administration (Operations) with seven extensive years of experience in project MCA21 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), designed to fully automate all processes related to the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal requirement under the Companies Act 1956.

With such practical experience, she assists in developing and smoothly functioning the school’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which is the most effective mode of communication between the school and the parent. She also renders her avid support in tracking and uploading various circulars, planners and academic resources to keep up with well-equipped communication and information exchange in and around the school. Her benefaction unequivocally displays her resourcefulness in contributing towards providing a hassle-free online experience to all the stakeholders.

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Anupam Bajaj- The Effulgent

SPOC of Grade 8 & 9

A dedicated teacher, conscientious leader, and SPOC of Grade 9, Anupam Bajaj’s profound knowledge and extensive teaching experience have made her a significant member of the school. A born speaker, motivator, and philanthropist, her radiant aura brings positivity and knowledge to her surroundings. Furthermore, she has a proven track record in mentoring, coaching and leading her students to success.

Holding a Master of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education, she has an impeccable command of the English language and vast experience in teaching the same. Moreover, her strong hold on the language and friendly nature make her an excellent public speaker and her ability to engage an audience is par none. Throughout her professional career, she has proven to be instrumental in the growth and success of her students and the school by being not just a splendid teacher but an all-rounder who carries the momentum to empower.

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Manisha Malhotra- The Vivacious

SPOC of Grades 6 and 7

Manisha Malhotra is a meticulous member of the CIS family. Holding a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management as well as a Bachelor of Education, her personality traits comprise qualities of a leader, manager and organiser.

As a dexterous SPOC (Sole Point of Contact) for grades 6 and 7, she efficiently coordinates with the parents to ensure the proper dissemination of academic and co-curricular-related information regarding their wards. Furthermore, she relentlessly provides students with varied opportunities to augment their creative and cognitive abilities.

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Vanita Kumari- The Meticulous

Assistant Academic Coordinator & SPOC of Grades 3, 4 and 5

A benevolent presence of CIS, Vanita Kumari is a competent Mathematician with a postgraduate science degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education. As an ardent instructor of the school, she admirably guides the students through innovative teaching-learning methods to provide them with a bright future.

As a SPOC of grades 4 and 5, her roles comprise identification and filling of academic performance gaps of the students by working in close liaison with the parents. Moreover, with consistent feedback on student learning, performance and evaluation, she ensures practical and unvarying learning of her students.

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Manisha Dhir- The Sedulous


Manisha Dhir is an industrious member of CIS. Her profile boasts a postgraduate degree in science, a Master of Education and a postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications, making her a well-accomplished Science instructor. Furthermore, she has qualified for the National Eligibility Test (Education).

Her outstanding experience in teaching enriches her knowledge in every domain, providing a rich and all-embracing educational environment for learners. Through her persistent efforts and diligence, and as the SPOC (Sole Point of Contact) of Examination, she ensures the supreme progress of children.

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Neha Verma- The Punctilious

Academic Coordinator and SPOC of Grades 1 and 2

Neha Verma is an assiduous member of the CIS family. With a Master’s in Human Rights and Duties and Bachelor’s Degree in Education, she phenomenally employs outstanding leadership and management skills in the school setup. As the Assistant Academic Coordinator, she ensures the development and execution of wide-ranging academic programmes and curricula. Furthermore, she guides students on course-related subjects, monitors study habits and supervises the assessment and feedback.

As the SPOC (Sole Point of Contact) of grades 1 and 2, she rigorously maintains students’ behaviour and discipline track and meticulously monitors their character building. Not to mention, she inculcates advanced decision-making and problem-solving skills, freedom of expression and confidence in her students.

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Neetu Ahuja- The Conscientious

Assistant Housekeeping Coordinator

As the industrious member of the CIS family and the Assistant Housekeeping Coordinator of the school, Neetu Ahuja ensures that a high standard of cleanliness is achieved throughout the school, complying with Health & Safety legislation to maintain further a hale and hearty working environment for all the students and staff members. Apart from this, she supervises the housekeeping staff and takes care of the sanitation & hygiene of the school.

With a remarkable working experience of 19 years, she is adept at organising and managing the events conducted by the school. Her profile boasts a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (HR) and a Bachelor of Science, Non-Medical. Besides this, she has worked as a Senior Customer Care Executive at HDFC Bank and Customer Care Executive at ING Vyasa Bank. She has also been a Branch Service Officer of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

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Shruti Sharma- The Profound

SPOC- Grades 11 and 12

A determined member of the CIS family, Shruti Sharma exercises tremendous attentiveness and diligence in her responsibilities that attest to being a resourceful SPOC (Sole Point of Contact) and the Biology Instructor for grades 11 and 12 of the school. Moreover, with significant duties and responsibilities rolled to her credit, she plays a vital role in the school.

Besides this, her commendable Academic Credentials entail a Master of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelor of Education degree. With fifteen years of experience in education, her sincere efforts towards helping children reach their full potential have flourished.

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Aarzoo Lamba- The Magnificent

Assistant Activity Coordinator (Junior Wing)

Aarzoo Lamba is a conscientious member of the CIS family. Her generous personality and fervidness as an educationalist have enormously aided the kindergartners to evolve in every sphere of their educational journey. As a SPOC (Sole Point of Contact) Co-curricular of the Junior Wing, her roles comprise steering co-scholastic-related discussions with parents to ensure holistic growth and development of the pre-schoolers.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Arts, her strengths comprise competence in Information Technology, outstanding communication skills, expertise in futuristic teaching methodologies and, most importantly, an optimistic approach towards life. Furthermore, by persistently conducting chat sessions with the parents, she ensures that the learning of their ward is progressive.

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Vandana Saggi- The Considerate

Assistant Academic Coordinator- Junior Wing

Incessantly solicitous about the welfare of her students, Vandana Saggi has been a member of the CIS family for over ten years. With her affectionate persona and as the Assistant Academic Coordinator, she lucratively instils the requisite linguistic skills in the winsome students of Kindergarten. Working towards honing and augmenting her students’ creativity and artistic abilities, she meticulously trains them for numerous competitions and events.

Her profile boasts of a Bachelor in Science (Medical) and a Bachelor of Education degree that has helped her attain overarching dexterities as an instructor and mentor. Besides this, she conducts all-inclusive chat sessions with the parents to efficiently communicate their wards’ flourishing educational journey.

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Dr Parul Sood- The Career Pilot

Career Carver

With her laudable vision and resolute determination, Dr Parul Sood has been an eminent luminary of the CIS Fraternity since 2013. As a notable personage, she efficaciously revolutionised the educational journey of her pupils by directing them towards their aspirations and goals. As a Career Carver, she has rigorously assured learning and growth prospects, ensuring the inculcation of core employability and life skills. Furthermore, as a Career Counsellor of the school since 2014, she envisages building a skilful society by endorsing research, innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with industry, research laboratories and academic institutions of global repute.

Mohinder Singh- The Scrupulous

Transport Coordinator

Mohinder Singh is a hospitable presence, facilitating a fantastic commuting experience for the faculty and students at CIS. As a Transport Coordinator, he successfully plans the routes, efficaciously ensures the availability of transport and adequately manages the attendants and drivers of the buses. Besides this, he staunchly and, with his striking vigilance, executes safety and security measures vis-à-vis the transport facilities.

With his extraordinary management and coordinating skills, he has provided assiduous services to the school for over ten years. After graduating with a degree in arts, he has acquired a pleasant and convivial personality. He is an asset to the school in many ways.

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Rohil Rana- The Heedful

Senior Network Engineer

Ensuring network systems are fully functional at all times, along with implementing new systems and upgrades as appropriate, comprise the crucial responsibilities of Rohil Rana, the IT aficionado of the school. Moreover, he scrupulously manages and monitors the internet and security within the campuses of Chitkara International School.

Along with maintaining inventory records for all the IT hardware, his responsibilities comprise implementing, monitoring, and managing the school’s local and wide area networks to ensure maximum uptime for all the staff members. Besides this, his profile boasts an outstanding Diploma in Hardware and Networking from Jetking and a prosperous ten years of expertise in Linux OS and Windows OS.

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Mr Sukhwinder Singh – The Sporting Virtuoso

Sports Coordinator

Mr Sukhwinder Singh, an eminent Sports Coordinator at Chandigarh International School, graciously contributes his expertise across the Panchkula and Chandigarh campuses, embodying an unwavering dedication to the realm of sports and physical education. His academic odyssey boasts a distinguished Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the esteemed Kurukshetra University, showcasing a relentless pursuit of excellence.

This accolade harmonises splendidly with his D. El. Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) from SCERT CHD, an embodiment of his comprehensive understanding of educational nuances.

A resplendent career of over six years at CIS is a testament to Mr Singh’s pivotal role in nurturing a culture of sportsmanship within the institution. Yet, his influence transcends the realm of administration. Mr Singh dons the mantle of a consummate Fencing athlete and coach, a Senior National Medalist par excellence, underscoring his prowess in the competitive arena. Mr Singh’s unparalleled dedication extends beyond medals and titles; he has unfailingly supported numerous young aspirants in their sports endeavours. His exceptional mentorship qualities have illuminated the path for burgeoning athletes, guiding them towards their personal zeniths. Endowed with an innate ability to inspire and uplift, Mr Singh stands as a paragon of mentorship, consistently fostering a nurturing environment where talent blossoms. His contributions are akin to ripples of inspiration, touching the lives of students and leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of CIS. Mr Singh’s profound commitment finds recognition in his role as a coach entrusted by the Education Department to guide young talents in prestigious national events. This confluence of roles illustrates his versatility and unerring passion, making him a luminary within the school community.

In essence, Mr Singh’s journey embodies dedication, mentorship, and unyielding passion, making him an invaluable asset to CIS and a source of inspiration.

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