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Health and well-being at CIS

Health in schools should focus on the overall well being of the students. With various activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness, the school should be able to promote health to enable children to grow into healthy adults.

Chitkara International School (CIS) keeps its students the topmost priority when it comes to their health and wellness. At CIS, we maintain and improve the health of school students by providing them health education and following hygiene practices.

We have integrated health and wellness in the school curriculum and constantly provide health education, safety measures along with health guidelines for the students.

  • Collaboration with Indus Hospital

The school has established a School Health Committee in the school and is also in collaboration with Indus Hospital Phase 1, Mohali which results in the conduct of various routine health check-ups of the students. In collaboration with Indus hospital, the school organizes various health camps, counselling sessions, workshops related to health education. Health card of each and every child is maintained after the check-ups. The health card which is maintained by the school includes height, weight, paediatrics (child care), eye, dental, skin, ENT checkups which are held twice a year. The health camps help us to list out those students having any eye-related issues, dental caries and slow growth analysis etc. In case of any emergency, ambulance and required health services are also provided by Indus hospital.

  • Well Being Room (Medical Room)

Chitkara International School has established a Well Being Room (Medical Room) in the school to provide medical care to the students. To boost the feeling of wellness in every unwell child the room is named as Wellbeing Room. A regular in-house General Physician and an Assistant to General Physician helps the school in providing quality primary health care. The room is well-equipped with all the medical facilities.

  • School Health Brigade Team

At CIS, we have established Health Brigade a group of individuals organized for the purpose of providing safety to each individual and peer groups in the school. The Health Brigade Team of the school spreads awareness about health and hygiene. This team has implemented safety protocols and policies to decrease any risk of danger and ensure that any emergency can be properly handled in a prompt and professional manner.

  • First Aid Facility

First Aid facility at Chitkara International School is provided to the students for their safety.

The purpose of first aid at CIS is to minimize injury and future disability.

The school also ensures that the first aid kits are kept at different areas in the school for any type of emergency. The first aid equipment, supplies and facilities are kept clean, dry, ready to use, and are readily accessible at any time whenever required. The First Aid kits are placed at the front desk, front gate, back gate, laboratories, library and school buses.

  • Training Sessions for students and staff

Chitkara International School organizes various external and internal sessions and activities on health-related problems by experts for students and staff of the school.

  • External Sessions: Various external sessions and activities are organized by experts from numerous organizations on health-related problems. The experts from different fields visit the school premises to conduct the sessions for the students and staff. The sessions include first aid training session by Indian Red Cross Society, an expert talk with the doctor of Fortis Hospital on food and nutrition etc.
  • Internal Sessions: Various internal sessions and activities are conducted in the school to raise awareness among students and staff on a balanced diet for a healthy living, hand hygiene, personal environmental hygiene and sanitation, oral hygiene, knowing your body, allergy and asthma etc. An annual workshop on First Aid training is conducted for the staff and students to enhance their knowledge on basic life saving First Aid Procedures.
  • Adult Education

Chitkara International School also provides training sessions and workshops for students on adult education because the school feels that this education is important to bring up the adolescents to matured adults. The school regularly organises various counselling session for the students considering their age and the period of their growth. The sessions are planned separately for boys and girls so that they can openly discuss their problems. Students are taught about adolescence changes and coping mechanism, physiological changes and physiological changes, menstruation, menstrual hygiene etc.

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