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Health and well-being at CIS

The focus on health in schools encompasses the overall well-being of students, ensuring they grow into healthy adults by engaging in various activities related to multiple dimensions of health and wellness.

Chitkara International School (CIS) prioritises the health and well-being of its students, actively promoting health through education and hygiene practices. Integrated into our curriculum, health education and safety measures remain consistent guidelines for our students.

  • Collaboration with Apollo Hospital

Establishing a School Health Committee and in partnership with Apollo Hospital, Chandigarh, conducts routine health check-ups. These collaborative efforts result in health camps, counselling sessions, and workshops dedicated to health education. The school maintains individual health cards recording bi-annual check-ups encompassing height, weight, paediatrics, eye, dental, skin, and ENT evaluations. Identifying issues such as eye problems, dental caries, and growth analysis aids in providing necessary interventions. In emergencies, Apollo Hospital provides ambulance services and required medical support.

  • Well-Being Room (Medical Room)

CIS has designated a Well-Being Room, renamed as the Medical Room, catering to the medical needs of students. The room is fully equipped, housing a resident General Physician and an Assistant to the General Physician, providing quality primary health care.

  • School Health Brigade Team

The Health Brigade at CIS ensures safety and awareness about health and hygiene within the school. Implementing safety protocols and policies, this team manages emergencies in a prompt and professional manner.

  • First Aid Facilities

CIS offers comprehensive first aid facilities to minimize injury and future disabilities. First aid kits are strategically placed around the school at different locations, ensuring easy access in case of emergencies.

  • Training Sessions for Students and Staff

Both internal and external health-related training sessions are organised at CIS. Experts from various organizations conduct external sessions, offering first-aid training and expert talks on food and nutrition. Internal sessions emphasise a balanced diet, hygiene, and awareness about personal and environmental health.

  • Adult Education and Counselling Sessions

Conducted separately for boys and girls, these sessions aim to address adolescent changes, coping mechanisms, physiological changes, menstruation, and menstrual hygiene, fostering a supportive environment for open discussions.