Admission Helpline


Message from the Chairperson

At Chitkara Education, we value excellence, courage, and integrity as essential qualities. We strongly believe in respecting our students and pushing them to thrive through challenges. Our teachers use innovative methods to teach fundamental skills and complex concepts in every academic area. Our educational philosophy emphasises holistic development, motivation and a nurturing environment, enabling each student to reach his/her highest potential.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara

Chairperson | Chitkara International School | Chandigarh I Panchkula

Message from the Director – Schools

“We at CIS, believe that a school’s strength lies in its students and well-rounded faculty. Our vision is to create a school where children receive quality education and life lessons. We focus on character building, moral values, and bridging the gap between school and college education.

At CIS, our curriculum goes beyond traditional teaching and exams. We encourage students to engage in research and innovative thinking. Also, we are proud to be one of the first fully technologically operated schools in the Tricity.

I extend my gratitude to Dr Madhu Chitkara for her support and guidance, along with my team for their assistance in all our endeavours. We welcome your interest in our school.”

Dr. Niyati Chitkara

Director – Schools | Chitkara International School | Chandigarh I Panchkula