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Mission Statement

We, at Chitkara International School, aim to provide quality skill-based education to our learners that is strongly backed by innovative assessment frameworks, ingenious infrastructure, promising learning and growth opportunities, effective online communication system, hygienic learning environment, and strong university, industry and global connect, thereby ensuring the inculcation of core employability and life skills in all students, and easy connect and communication among all stakeholders of the school by 2025. We wish to equip each member of the faculty and staff with the knowledge of the latest reforms and advancements in the fields of education and research, for the eventual and ultimate benefit of our learners.

Quality Objectives of Chitkara International School

  • To provide comprehensive information about the school’s daily academic activities, innovations and compliances to the school’s stakeholders all year round
  • To acquaint all stakeholders with the school’s inventive infrastructure and the school’s health & hygiene policy by conducting orientation sessions for the students and staff twice a year and for the parents, guests/visitors and other stakeholders once a year
  • To provide quality skill-based education to students of Cygnets to Grade 12 for five days, every week of the school year (Academic Session)
  • To ensure easy connect and communication among students, teachers, administration and parents through an effective online communication system, response to feedback/ queries within working 24 hours or 3 working days
  • To hold Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) quarterly and the SPOC Chat Sessions once a year to provide specific, timely and goal-oriented feedback to all parents regarding different aspects of different learners performing in varying areas like academics, sports and co-curricular activities
  • To provide promising opportunities of participation in the national and international-level competitions and workshops to the students of Grade 5 to Grade 12, at least twice a year
  • To organise 30 hours of training on research through relevant sessions, refresher courses and workshops for the school’s faculty members to equip them with the knowledge of the latest reforms and advancements in the fields of research and education
  • To give students of each class substantial exposure to various industries and universities by organising at least 5 university/industry-oriented sessions or events for them in an academic year
  • To evaluate each student, twice a year, by applying at least two innovative assessment frameworks of the school

The quality objectives of Chitkara International School have been established keeping in mind the specificity and practicability of the same. Appositely, in line with the guidelines of the Quality Council of India, each of the school’s SMART quality objectives is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.