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The junior school of Chitkara International School offers a rich, colourful, thematic, inviting, and knowledgeable experience for a child to start his/her journey at school. The curriculum at CIS has been curated keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals and National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. As per the NEP 2020 Children spend 5 years in the Foundational stage, 3 years in the Preparatory stage, 3 years in the Middle stage, and 4 years in the Secondary stage. The various levels of Kindergarten, i.e., Chicklets, Nestling, Fledgling, and Cygnets, symbolise a baby bird’s journey learning to fly and spreading its wings. This is very much reflected in the infrastructure of the junior school. With access to the open courtyard on one side and knowledge walkways on the other, the corridors are full of life next to real-life experiences.

The jungle safari, the underwater world, and the ‘M’ and ‘W’ floors are the floors that drive a student to think beyond the painted characters and limited lexical structures and vocabulary words. The infrastructure has been designed keeping in mind the psychology of a young learner at that level. A fully air-conditioned classroom (well-monitored temperature settings) yet access to nature with the tree house and open courtyard makes it a perfect blend for a learner to be comfortable. A Wi-Fi-enabled school with projectors, e-beams, and touch screens with a research-based curriculum for kindergarteners ensures a rich and unique learning platform for a starter. The furniture has been designed with a lot of innovation and research to suit the learners’ needs; the outlook express, the activity corner, the weather chart display corner, the mobile racks, and the ceilings of the classrooms all exhibit learning outcomes. The classrooms are the engines of inquiry that ignite the spirit of research in young minds to think, express, and inquire. The washrooms have been designed per the size of the young ones and keep their comfort intact. The junior school has access to the auditorium and the activity room. From time to time, the open but monitored fields and the PlayStations are also visited. The school has been designed with excitement in terms of ramps and railings that are easier and more exciting for the child to climb, with adequate lighting and ventilation for the child to breathe fresh air.

Also, the musical bell acts as an indicator to welcome a new teacher is equally engaging and treat to the ears.

Chitkara International School’s junior wing has been designed to make a child comfortable with the school environment.

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