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Chitkara International School boasts of state – of – the – art academic campus in Sector 25 which has been designed to enhance the teaching – learning process. We have ensured that it becomes the second home for our students. The campus is centrally air conditioned and aesthetically designed where students learn and strive to achieve their best. The school campus is spread over 3.65 acres of land, allotted by Chandigarh Administration.

CIS campus has been ranked among the top ten schools of the country for the best infrastructure. The school is designed to enhance teaching-learning process and we ensure that it becomes a second home for our students. We also believe that good infrastructure is a pre-requisite for quality education. The campus is centrally air-conditioned with technology enabled classrooms and includes essential elements like activity corners, mobile library racks, malleable spaces, outlook express etc. The entire School is fully Wi-Fi connected, promoting anywhere and everywhere learning to the learners. All the classrooms are well equipped with Projectors, Smart boards, e-Beams which augment smart learning.

The school also has well equipped Science Labs, Technology Labs as per C.B.S.E norms for the betterment and practical implementation of the particular subject. The campus also comprises a unique brain shaped auditorium named Coliseum Theatre. Likewise, is a tree house in the school campus which is being used in story telling sessions and creative spaces such as karaoke station, the dance studio, the music factory and art studios. Every corner of the school talks about its unique pedagogy and offers an experience of learning while walking.
Besides this, the campus also has an indoor play station as sports room, the well being room for the health programs.

  • Coliseum Theatre

A unique Brain shaped auditorium named Coliseum theatre with seating capacity of 600 people, which has state of the art infrastructure and technical facilities required for the artistic performances.

  • Library

Our library called the ‘Knowledge Nook’ is a great reservoir of knowledge with exhaustive learning resources. The Knowledge Nook is a strategic place of learning where project work, individual study and group research can all take place.

  • The Readology Lab

This quite place is reserved for the students where they can read and spend some time inculcating reading habits. It has numerous educational magazines, periodicals etc.

  • The Reader’s Hangout

The school has offered a special library “The Reader’s Hangout” for its kindergarten students and the grandparents. The books and magazines are kept according to the interest of our young learners and grandparents. The idea of weaving this special library was to promote storytelling.

  • Well Being Room (Medical Room)

The school has a well equipped medical room which assists in the school health program. A regular in-house doctor and psychologist help us in providing quality primary health care and health-related education, counseling and outreach in support of optimal health and well being. The school health program is backed by Indus Hospital to cater to emergencies and other medical needs including workshops and medical check-ups of the students regularly.

  • The Jade Hall

The Jade Hall or the seminar hall is a miniature chamber for carrying out meetings, sessions or workshops for lesser people with an entirely productive out-turn. The ambience of the hall is cheerful and complacent for the teachers, staff, students and parents to come up with prudent ideas and thoughts.

  • The Olive Chamber

The Olive Chamber is a territory where all the productivity lies. It is a complacent room with seating arrangements for the students, staff members and the guests to carry out contemporary and research based symposia that educatively decorate by knowledge. The meetings circle around demonstration of products or novel ideas and administrative discussions for the amelioration of the same.

  • Cappuccino

The Cappuccino, an informal and vivacious designation but serve as a formal Board Room to supply major collective decisions for the school. The teachers and other staff members also foregather to pay gratitude and appreciation to the hard work and endeavour to its employees in the form of appraisals or appreciation letters.

  • The Memory Lane – Museum

The Memory lane or the Museum serve as place devoted to the acquisition, conservation and educational interpretation of artistic, cultural, enlightened and scholarly interest of the school stretching from the year it was established till the present year. The picturesque description and photos of the teachers and staff members showcase school’s undaunted venture right from the beginning by inculcating efforts, initiatives and hard work of its employees. The entire chamber renders a permanent value to every aspect.

  • The Nerve Centre

The nerve centre is the sole room which inculcates recording devices and cameras and also serving as a monitoring eye to all the activities taking place in the school. It keeps everything under close scrutiny in order to run everything smoothly and efficiently. The whole assistance is rendered by the technicians and is under surveillance of Office of Vice-Principal. It certainly ensures proper functioning of the school.

  • Tree House

Tree house serves as a recreational and strife-free place for Kindergartens. Away from classroom environment, the tree house imparts learning coupled with fun for these developing buds. It is situated in the school premises right in the lap of nature and is used for story telling sessions, puppet show and other fun activities. It certainly propels and stimulates toddlers’ imagination.

  • Mobile Racks of Pedagogy

Education is not confined to classroom, laboratories or libraries. Mobile racks are innovative pedagogy on wheels. When quick doers and learners finish their work, mobile racks of knowledge is used to positively channelize their free time towards extra learning.

  • Green School

Sustainability is deeply rooted in the school’s ecosystem. To promote sustainability and preserve environment, the school has established a Vermi-compost plant, Herbal Garden, Solar Panels and Solar Lights in the school premises

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