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Chitkara International School’s campus in Sector 25 stands as a pinnacle of modern infrastructure, fostering an optimal environment for the teaching-learning process. Spread across 3.65 acres provided by the Chandigarh Administration, this campus has been lauded among the top ten schools in the country for its exceptional infrastructure.

The campus is centrally air-conditioned and thoughtfully designed, aiming to create a conducive space for students to thrive. Fully Wi-Fi connected, our technology-equipped classrooms feature essential elements such as Activity Corners, Mobile Library Racks, adaptable spaces, and an “Outlook Express”, facilitating a diverse and comprehensive learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with projectors, smart boards, and e-beams, amplifying innovative learning methods.

To bolster practical implementation, the campus includes well-equipped Science and Technology Labs and much more aligned with CBSE norms. The unique brain-shaped auditorium, named Coliseum Theatre, seats 600 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support artistic performances.

Unique creative spaces such as the Tree House, a Karaoke Station, Dance and Music Studios, and Art Studios offer diverse experiences for students to learn while engaging in various activities.
To ensure holistic development, the campus also houses an indoor play station, a sports room, and a dedicated space for health programs. Various specialised chambers and spaces like the Knowledge Nook library, the Readology Lab, the Reader’s Hangout, the Well-Being Room (Medical Room), the Jade Hall, the Olive Chamber, and the Memory Lane – Museum cater to specific educational and functional needs within the school.
The infrastructure also encompasses the Cappuccino, serving as a formal boardroom for major decisions and staff appreciation. The Memory Lane and its extension commemorate the school’s journey, events, and achievements over the years, while the Nerve Centre operates as the monitoring hub for school activities.

These diversified spaces and facilities within the campus are designed to provide an enriched and dynamic learning atmosphere, aiming to make learning an engaging and comprehensive experience for students.

Take a closer at the various learning spaces provided by the school:

  • Coliseum Theatre – The Auditorium

An architecturally distinct auditorium, shaped like the human brain, accommodating up to 600 individuals. Outfitted with advanced infrastructure and technical amenities, it serves as a venue for diverse artistic performances and events.

  • Knowledge Nook – The Library

A comprehensive repository of knowledge, housing an extensive array of learning resources. It functions as a strategic space for individual study, group research, and project work.

  • Readology Lab – Reading Room

A serene enclave designed to instill and nurture reading habits among students. It provides access to numerous educational magazines, periodicals, and a rich collection of literary materials.

  • Reader’s Hangout – Library for Kindergarteners

An exclusive library curated for kindergarten students and grandparents, featuring books and magazines tailored to their specific interests, fostering the art of storytelling.

  • Well-Being Room – The Medical Room

Equipped with comprehensive medical facilities, including regular in-house medical personnel and counseling services. Collaborating with Indus Hospital, it hosts workshops and check-ups for students.

  • Jade Hall – The Meeting Room

A smaller, intimate chamber ideal for meetings, sessions, or workshops. Its welcoming ambiance encourages productivity and constructive discussions for teachers, staff, students, and parents.

  • Olive Chamber – The Conference Room

A sophisticated and conducive space designed for contemporary and research-based symposia. It facilitates scholarly discussions and presentations of innovative ideas.

  • Cappuccino – The Conference Room

Serving as a formal boardroom for pivotal collective decisions and staff commendations, this vibrant space provides a platform for official gatherings and expressions of appreciation.

  • Memory Lane – The Museum

Devoted to preserving the school’s historical, cultural, and educational legacy. Through picturesque descriptions and archival staff photos, it honours the institution’s enduring efforts and values.

  • Memory Lane Extension – The Museum 2.0

Commemorating the school’s annual events, esteemed dignitary visits, and athletic achievements, this section stands as a testament to the school’s illustrious journey and notable milestones.

  • Nerve Centre – The Surveillance Room

A pivotal room integrated with recording devices and cameras, serving as a surveillance hub for overseeing the smooth and efficient execution of all school activities, under the purview of the Vice-Principal’s office.

  • Tree House

A purpose-built recreational and educational space specifically catering to kindergarten students. Positioned away from traditional classrooms, it hosts storytelling sessions, puppet shows, and diverse engaging activities, nurturing imagination and learning.

  • Mobile Racks of Pedagogy

Innovative educational tools on wheels designed to extend learning beyond conventional spaces. These mobile racks serve to engage students constructively during their leisure time.