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Learning Studios

The Learning Studios at Chitkara International School showcase various learning centers designed to provide hands-on learning experiences. Whether called learning studios or labs, they epitomise the research culture at our school, providing students with the necessary tools for exploration and discovery. Each learning lab at Chitkara is grounded in a philosophy encouraging the freedom to question. We believe that no question is unintelligent. “Could an aeroplane fly?” was once a seemingly vacuous question later proven wrong by researchers. This freedom to question is ingrained in every student and faculty member at Chitkara School.

The school equips students with the latest equipment and apparatuses in the science labs to stimulate innovation through a multi-sensory environment for experimental learning. These learning studios cover a wide range of subject areas, making every class a learning lab, while also catering to specific subjects through specialised labs.

  • Tinkering Talkies – Chitkara’s ATL Terminus – The ATL Lab

The well-equipped Atal Tinkering Lab, “Tinkering Talkies,” established under the NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission, promotes a culture of innovation and research among our students. Through this lab, students gain knowledge in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), opening doors to unparalleled growth and learning opportunities.
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  • Oxyden – The Chemistry Lab

This lab is marked by a state –of –the art infrastructure that is needed for any experiment at any level. Also this lab provides the scope of group experiments as well as caters to the individual needs of a child. The apparatus and the environment are research friendly, child-friendly and all the safety parameters have been duly complied to ensure the comfort of the child.

  • The Magnetic Field – The Physics Lab

This lab is full of equipments and is marked by ample space to perform experiments in this subject area. This lab environment invites the scientific temperament in each and every child and provides a platform to the child to reason, question, analyze, understand and perform at varying levels of learning and understanding science.

  • The Canvas Theatre – The Art Room

As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve. Most significant perhaps is when children feel great while they are creating thus helping them boost their self-confidence. This inspiriting environment is provided to the students of CIS at “The Canvas Theatre” and students here love to bring their imagination to life. Here the art and craft are products of a child’s creativity and when these creative seeds are nurtured in the right manner, masterpieces are made. This beautiful art space is embossed with colourful motifs and an aura to give wings to our young minds.

  • Mathemagic Lab – The Maths Lab

This lab is a place where the entire environment is full of Mathematics and Magic. This is also a place that caters to the needs of the young learners as well as math manipulative to Abacus form part of their learning process. It also provides the scope of group as well as individual learning. The primary aim of our mathematics lab is to enable students develop their ability in mathematical problem solving. We depend on the use of different manipulative to learn and make mathematics fun.

The above two learning studios are part of the “M” floor which covers all the pre-requisites of doing research i.e. Men, Material, Machine, Money, Magic etc.

  • Biosphere – The Biology Lab

This lab forms part of the “W” floor which not only highlights the philosophy of www (World Wide Web) but also Wisdom, Whole-hearted Reading and Wholesome food items .The wholesome food items showcases the biology part and the biology lab that is equally exciting with a big “W” written on the door along with a question mark which signifies that questioning is the first step of research work.

  • English Lab

Acknowledging English as a global language, we have provision to provide plenty of opportunities to enhance speaking and listening aspects of the language. As a part of megabytes with headphones and speaker phones, language software especially designed to cater to student’s language learning needs aid the students in learning, listening and speaking activities.

  • #Footage Square

The animation and media lab of Chitkara International School, “#Footage Square” provides a platform to the students of the school that aids hands-on learning. The lab is well-equipped with various animation and media tools employed in recording, filming, editing etc. The audio-visual, clay modelling, game design are also pivotal to this state of the art lab. This lab helps students in myriad ways to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

  • Megabytes & i-Class – The Technology Labs

Technology is a very essential part of our curriculum and it starts right from the Pre-primary level. Therefore to facilitate individual practice, the school has a well-equipped Technology Lab that has adequate number of computers and educational softwares that provides the child with necessary technology experience. Our every classroom is a technology lab in itself, with smart class approach- touch screens, audio-video systems, e-beams and the digital content to cater the individual learning needs of the child.

  • Lifestyle Education Centre

This lab at Chitkara International School marks the need for training the children for life. It not only includes imparting of life skills, activities and projects but also orients students towards various patterns of lifestyle that they follow in their day to day lives. Lifestyle Education is the education based on the set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group. Personality development and grooming sessions are part of lifestyle education at CIS where students are taught how to tie laces, buttoning, unbuttoning, how to maintain their cupboards, how to dress up (smartly in casuals, formals, tying of scarves and tying knots etc). They also learn how to attend guests, table etiquettes, telephone etiquettes, creating best out of waste (like gift mapping) etc. All the activities performed in the Lifestyle Education Lab are as per the level of the students.

  • Animedia Lab – Technology Lab

The Animedia Lab at Chitkara International School serves as a dedicated hub for technological exploration and innovation. As a technology lab, it is designed to delve into the latest advancements in the field of technology, specifically focusing on various applications and their implications. The squad emphasizes the analysis and understanding of cutting-edge technological developments and their impact on modern life.

  • Music Factory – The Music Studio

At the Music Factory, students at Chitkara International School immerse themselves in the world of melody and rhythm. This studio is equipped with musical instruments and recording tools, allowing students to explore and refine their musical talents. It’s a space that resonates with creativity and offers a platform for budding musicians to compose, practice, and collaborate.

  • Dance Room

The Dance Room at Chitkara International School is a vibrant space where students groove to the rhythm of various dance forms. From contemporary to classical, this room provides a platform for students to express themselves through movement and dance. It’s a place where energy, creativity, and passion for dance come to life.

Thus, the learning studios at Chitkara School are hubs of innovation and discovery, nurturing a culture of exploration and creativity among students.