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Quality, although a considerably subjective concept, almost invariably stands for the measure of excellence. It is a way of life that empowers one to take unadulterated pride in one’s work. Quality is not defined by mere organisational procedures but by the general inimitable attitude of the head, management, and staff of an organisation (school, office, etc). Thus, for Chitkara International School (CIS), quality stands as an inveterate dream – a dream that has been contemplated and envisioned by its team with an earnest hope of imparting supreme skill education. Acknowledging this spirit of CIS, the leading Indian English Language newspaper, ‘Times of India’ covered the school under the title ‘Chitkara International School’s take on being a quality conscious school’. The article highlighted the school’s strong School-University & Industry Connect, Research-based Curriculum, Technology Curriculum, Need and Expectations Matrix, Data Analytics and Studies, Proper monitoring mechanisms including Audit Calendars, Audit Cycles, and Self-Checks, etc. among many other distinct practices.