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The one of its kind title of ‘New India Champions 2018’ was rolled to the credit of CIS by ReTHINK India


ReTHINK India is a nationalist think tank which nurtures a wide range of communities of practice engaging them around a vast spectrum of unique, innovative, interdisciplinary & incremental propositions. This reputed organisation thereby rolled out the title of New India Champions 2018 to Chitkara International School as it has always exhibited excellence towards holistic development of children. The analysis of this award covered substantial facets of the school like bolstering hope for the future of Indian people, inducing innovation in the geo-cultural context of India, designing disruptive transformation of regressive status quo, creating a competitive advantage for sovereign Indian national interests, galvanizing for global leadership & service of humanity at large. This award like many others pitched to the credit of CIS is a collective result of the efforts coming from stakeholders of the school.

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