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Chitkara International School rolled out its very own embedded audio circulars, unanimously called ‘Chitkara Infobyte’


In its endeavour to promote multilingualism and quality education, Chitkara International School rolled out its very own embedded audio circulars, unanimously called ‘Chitkara Infobyte’, last week here in Chandigarh. The school, already known for its extensive employment of technology for inclusive and sustainable development, credits it to be a welcome step towards the promotion of linguistic diversity and sound education among the parents, students and other stakeholders of the school.

The addition of associated voice narration to the school-to-parent circulars is expected to overcome potential language barriers experienced by the school’s stakeholders, thereby allowing enhanced communication and easy dissemination of important information among them. With this initiative, the school is further believed to be inching towards fulfilling the objectives laid down in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and Sustainable Development Goals for the promotion of multilingualism, and inclusive and equitable quality education for all.


Crediting its counterparts for this significant upgradation in its digital communication system, the school has expressed its sincere gratitude for the contributions of its initiative partners, the Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Lab (funded by Erasmus plus) and College of Education, Chitkara University that have been working in sync with the school from the get-go to promote language and cultural diversity among its students and faculty members. Currently, the school offers content-to-voice translation of its circulars in Hindi language, and it further aims at rolling out the same in other vernacular languages such as Punjabi, allowing better understanding and ease-of-access to the parents.


In her follow-up comment on the initiative’s success, the school’s visionary Principal, Dr. Niyati Chitkara said, “Chitkara Infobyte caters to the varying linguistic needs of our stakeholders and thus, stands as an aspiration-turned-inspiration for us. We are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the positive and uplifting response of parents, and wish for them to leverage this initiative with as much fervour and enthusiasm.”

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