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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Safety & Security at CIS

“Safety and Security of students have always been an inseparable element in the working of Chitkara International School. We also think that parents being significant stakeholders of the school, need to be aware of the safety and security measures being followed at Chitkara International School. Following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with respect to parents’ concerns and queries. These FAQs cater to every safety and security checkpoint into consideration with explicit and transparent answers. We hope our answers satisfy you but in case there is any other query or suggestion to improve the system or process, please feel free to get in touch via SchoolPad.”

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Safety & Security at CIS

1. What are the medical facilities available in the school for any medical emergency?

Chitkara International School has a well equipped Wellbeing Room where a General Physician and Assistant to General Physician are available during the school hours. In the case of any emergency, the child is taken to the nearest hospital and the parents are also informed about the same. The school is in collaboration with Indus Hospital, Mohali which provides medical aids and organizes medical check-ups for the students. Apart from this, the school has also made arrangement of first aid box on every floor in the co-coordinators room. The medical room of Chitkara International School is well equipped to tackle any immediate situation.

2. Is the school premise properly covered by CCTV?

Chitkara International School is under constant surveillance of CCTV Network covering the entire school premises by its length and width. They cover all the entry and exit points, entrance to the washrooms, corridors and any indiscipline prone areas.

3. How is CCTV network monitored?

The CCTV Networks cover the entire school premises and record all the activities happening in the school. At present, CCTV Networks have a system of maintaining a back up of 15 days and the school is open to upgrade the backup period as per the requirement in future. The activities so recorded are monitored by a dedicated team in the Monitoring Room (Nerve Center) supervised by Chief Administrator Officer.

4. Can parents be allowed to have access to live feed of CCTV online?

Chitkara International School assures all the parents to feel safe and secure for their children and have faith on the security system of the school. The live feed of CCTV is practically difficult as any such arrangement may cause hindrance in the smooth functioning of the school; even otherwise a dedicated team is already monitoring the activities through CCTV Networks.

5. Has police verification for all the staff members done by the school?

As required under STRAPS policy of U.T. Chandigarh, the police verification of drivers, conductors and attendants has already been done and is part of school records. We wish to inform you that after the sad incident of Gurugram, the school has sent the details of the entire staff including teaching and non-teaching for police verification. The same is expected to be received very soon; we are in constant touch with the police authorities.

6. Can parents have access to location and speed of the bus through GPS?

The transport system of the school is safe and secure and is under constant surveillance through GPS tracking system. The transport team of the school keeps a constant vigil on the buses enroute picking and dropping the children. In case any parents want to check the location of the bus, he/she may contact the Transport Incharge, Mr. Mohinder Singh- 9501105712.

7. Do you have separate washrooms for staff and children?

Chitkara International School has separate washrooms for its staff and children. To be clearer, we wish to inform you that the drivers, conductors and female bus attendants have their separate washroom near main-gate and they are not allowed to enter the academic buildings. Even otherwise, staff, teaching and non-teaching have separate washrooms and are not allowed to use the children’s washrooms.

8. Are washrooms attended by female attendants during school timings?

The washrooms made for children are attended by female attendants (stewardesses) who remain present throughout the school timings. The school has few male attendants (stewards) but they are only for the purpose of cleaning the corridors and the male washrooms of Senior Wing. They are not allowed to enter the washrooms of the Junior Wing.

9. Do the non teaching male staff including drivers, conductors, gardeners, security guards, have
access to the washrooms, school corridors, classrooms, staircase etc meant for children?

The school has separate washrooms for its teaching and non-teaching staff and none of the male members of the staff, may it be the drivers, conductors, and security guards have access to the washrooms, school corridors, school classrooms or the stair case which are meant for school children.

10. What kind of counseling/orientations sessions are conducted by the school for training the

The School regularly organizes counseling and orientation session for students, teachers, administrative staff, support staff and the transport staff, regularly to sensitized them all of relevant issues which are required to provide safe and secure atmosphere to students. These councils and orientation sessions are addressed by our Principal/Vice-principal as well as the counselor of the school.

11. Has the school conducted any sessions for children to train them on good touch and bad
touch and to learn basic self-defence?

Chitkara International School organizes various sessions on regular intervals to train its student on good touch and bad touch which are addressed by the School Counselor, General Physician and teachers and on some occasions by the Principal or Vice-principal.

12. Are staff and children under active supervision?

The staff and children of Chitkara International School are under constant supervision of our monitoring team and also the team of our two responsible administrative officers who regularly keep on surprise checks. The surprise inspection of the school is also done by the Principal and Vice-principal of the school.

13. Are drains, sumps, bore wells, overhead water tanks covered properly and regularly checked?

Chitkara International School has a world class infrastructure. It is an understanding with the authorities that children studying in the school must get the cleanest and most hygienic atmosphere and hence it is ensured that all drains, sumps, bore well, overhead water tank are covered properly. This not only provides clean hygienic atmosphere but also ensures safety of the students from any unforeseen incident/ accident. All these corners are regularly checked by the housekeeping department for this purpose only.

14. Are all windows of the school properly grilled and balconies well protected?

The building of the school is world class and is properly maintained and regularly inspected by the infrastructure team of the school. Any damage which is discovered is immediately repaired. Windows and balconies are given special attention for safety and security of the children. The windows and balconies of the class rooms are properly grilled and well protected.

15. Are electrical equipments used for various purposes well concealed so as to keep them
beyond the reach of children?

The entire electrical network is designed in such a manner that it is properly concealed. It was the priority of the school authorities even at the time of inception that the electronic networks should be beyond the reach of children. This has been maintained throughout. A special attention is given to keep the children away from any electronic appliances.

16. Can the sports teacher provide coaching to a student alone in the sports room at any time
of the day without permission of the principal and parents?

The sports teacher is especially restrained from attending any male/female student alone. Although the sports teacher is specially directed to give required training to the students in the dedicated area that too in groups but if required, for the purpose of any competitions or event, the sports teacher may give training to a single child but with prior permission of the Principal or Vice-principal, consent of the parents and in an open visible area. The sports teacher is not allowed to attend a single male or female child alone in any room. All such activities are monitored through our well spread CCTV network.

17. Can the sports teachers give coaching to student/s on a holiday?

The training by sports teacher to the students is always with a purpose of keeping them fit and to train them to participate in events and competitions. This would not only keep them fit and healthy but also improves their competitive skills. Whenever it is found that the children require special training session ahead of any competitions, they may be provided training session during holidays, but with the prior permission of the principal/vice-principal and consent of the parents in an open visible area.

18. Is there an active Child Protection Committee?

The school has an active Grievance/Complaint Redressal Committee as well as Sexual Abuse/ Harassment Committee to keep vigilance on all types of indiscipline and child protection and others sensitive issues relating to safety and security of the students. This committee consists of senior teachers, responsible students from the senior wing and the Chief Administrative Officer of the school.

19. Are parents encouraged to participate in Child Protection Issues?

We at Chitkara International School are more than happy to receive our parents for all kind of suggestion/ advice. We believe nothing is perfect in this world and there is a scope of improvement and arrangement in every corner therefore we are also open to all advice and suggestions by our parents and invite them to participate in the process of improvement through the SchoolPad.

20. What is the responsibility of the school when the child is taken out for any picnic or other

School is home away from home. The authorities are as responsible as parents are expected to be. The school has never backed out from its responsibilities and has always stood by its children as well as the parents in the hour of need.

21. Is my child safe in the school premises throughout his stay in the school?

Your child is as safe and secure in the school premises during his stay in the school as he can be in your home in your custody.

22. Are drivers and conductors put to Alcohol-meter test?

For the last two sessions, the school conducts alcohol meter test on all its drivers and conductors. These tests are conducted three to four times a week as surprise checks. This arrangement started by the school has shown positive results. After such tests, a complete report is submitted to the Principal or Vice-principal. The school authority assures its parents that if any driver or conductor has consumed liquor when in school, he is or will not be allowed to drive the school bus again. The school has zero tolerance for such misconduct.

23. Is teacher provided in the school bus from the first pickup till the last drop?

The UT Administration formulated a policy which is known as STRAPS. This policy was framed after various orders were passed by Hon’ble High Court. This policy covers each and every point to ensure safe and secure travel of the students in school buses. One such requirement of the school bus is to provide a female attendant in every bus which the school has already provided. So far as providing a teacher in every bus is concerned the same is practically difficult and not feasible. Even after the school is over, the teacher is not able to travel with the school children, for the reasons that after the children leave the school, the teacher has other tasks to complete like checking of notebooks, preparation of tests and various others activities for the next day. We have called for voluntarily contribution from the teachers and those who are willing to be volunteer for this purpose shall be provided with this service as per the suitable route. The school once again assures all its parents that the school safety system is in order and your child is as safe as he/she can be in the company of a teacher.

24. Do the drivers and conductors stay in the school premises during school time?

The transport system of the school is well organized and disciplined. There is a dedicated team which handles the transport system and is available at the unboarding spot before the bus enters in the school premises. The drivers are not allowed to come out of their respective buses. As soon as the bus is vacated, it is taken outside the school premises and is parked. At the closing time, similar practice is adopted. The drivers or conductors are not allowed to enter or stay in the academic buildings during the school timings.

25. What time a parent should drop a child if not availing transport facility?

The parents are advised not to drop their children before 7.45 a.m. in summers and before 8:00 a.m. in winters because the Support Staff to attend the children start coming at 7:30 a.m. during summers & 7:45 a.m. during winters.

26. Is the transport system run by the school or outsourced to some other agencies?

The transport system is outsourced to the private contractor with good experience and the staff required for transport system is appointed directly by the contractor. However, the school ensures that the staff who is appointed by the contractor is with clear antecedents, that is why the police verification is done.

27. Are students of the school allowed to carry mobile phones or other electronic devices?

Use of mobile phones or any other electronic devices is strictly prohibited inside the school premises.

28. Has school granted permission to use self-hired conveyance by parents?

The school discourages use of such mode and would advise parents to either drop their children on their own or may avail well organized and well disciplined transport service.