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Swachhta Hi Sewa (Campaign) at Chitkara International School


Plastics, although inexpensive and durable, have proved to be catastrophic for the environment, as the usage of plastic products disrupts various hormonal mechanisms in human beings; causes ingestion in animals those obliviously consume plastic waste and massively afflicts the land of our nation, more so, our planet. The hard-hitting facts stated in ‘Plastic and Climate’ Report, 2019 expounds that plastic will contribute approximately 850 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and by that means, accelerate the process of climate change. The competent GOI has, therefore, befittingly undertaken a highly honourable campaign, called ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa’, which centrally attempts to eliminate the detrimental use of plastic products and thereby, ensure true sustainable development of the nation. The nationwide awareness campaign further intends to propagate the significance of methodical plastic waste management. Therefore, the school takes immense pride in announcing that a plastic waste collection drive shall be conducted in the school premises. The waste so collected shall then be, effectively recycled and disposed off. The students will further be apprised of the adverse effects and corollaries of using plastic. The students and faculty shall duteously indulge in ‘Shramdaan’ through waste collection and disposal, and uphold the exemplary ethos of the ‘Shramdaan Movement’. CIS ardently undertakes to carry the mission of the ‘Plastic Free India’ campaign with utmost diligence and perseverance.