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Spice Box- Masale Swad Anusar | 11th Annual Function


Chitkara International School, Chandigarh, is all set to hold its awe-inspiring and much anticipated 11th Annual Event, “Spice Box- Masale Swad Anusar”

The annual function at Chitkara International School (CIS) is well known for its magnificence and exquisite performances. Each year, sincere efforts are made at Chitkara to guarantee the finest performances are presented, keeping in mind the key learning outcomes of the charming students. Keeping this in mind, this year, the school has decided to deliver “Spice Box- Masale Swad Anusar.” The said event will provide each Chitkarian with an incredible platform in terms of exposure, learning about teamwork, finding a creative outlet, and overcoming stage fright. Also, this theme will enable pupils to comprehend the unique role that spices have played throughout history. Additionally, this occasion would offer a chance to honour not just spices from India but also spices from other countries. Similarly, the way spices add flavour to food, CIS’s charming students will undoubtedly make this fiesta a success.

Furthermore, the school eagerly awaits the advent of the magnificent Annual Event!