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Kaleidoscope (May 2019) | Chitkara International School


Events at Chitkara International School are significant as these are one of the great ways to showcase the existing talent of the students. Kaleidoscope is such a platform where our pupils build their confidence by performing and breaking the monotony of the day. Each squad present their activities which they have learnt in their respective squad classes.

Palette and Scrap Craft Squads are going to showcase their artwork in the exhibition. Photography and Animedia squads are presenting their best pictures and logo designed in the exhibition. Big Bang squad will show their projects which they have made in their squads. Whereas Techplore squad will make presentations and e-cards. Movers and shakers, Rasa and Dhwani squads will sing, dance and act on stage. Hospitality and Grooming squad will showcase their talent through salad decoration and napkin folding. Orator squad will do Debate and poem recitation, Mastermind squad will play sudoku and quiz. To conclude with Rocksteady squad, they will play a football match and do freehand rhythmic exercise with the drum.

The theme of this Kaleidoscope (Junior) is Father’s Day.