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Change The Game- Prof.. Manu Sharma


As the global economic recovery continues to lose momentum, the issue of financial literacy is becoming increasingly prevalent. Providing a comprehensive financial education to youngsters represents a significant role in creating a generation of responsible adults. Keeping in mind the same, DR.MANU SHARMA-assistant professor, Finance at the University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS), Panjab University and Visiting Professor of Finance at UGSM-Monarch Business School, was invited to hold a session on Change the Game-school academia industry interface.
Dr. Sharma interacted with students and explained them the basic of stock market and Finance in general. He spoke about shares, capital, investment, debt, loans etc. He being an expert in M&A also told about future prospects of finance as a career. His technical, professional and innovative working style was an inspiration for many.
During the interactive session one of the student asked “What is the best time to start a company” answering which Dr. Sharma said that while starting a company many factors should be kept in mind like the product to be launched, market of the product etc. to decide the perfect time. Another student asked that “How to reduce the risk of loss”, Dr. Sharma said that the company should have a mix of different products and services in order to reduce the risk of losses for example, Tata industries.
Commenting on the session, Ms. Niyati Chitkara, Principal, Chitkara International School said, “It was an honor to have such an eminent personality like him in our school. The session was very enlightening as it cleared the concept of stock market, shares and many more financial terms.”