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The insurmountable excitement that one feels before homecoming is truly palpable. The understandable keenness, the overflowing curiosity and the anticipated joy of meeting old friends – all contribute immensely to bring forth such palpable energy. Likewise, the supreme verve was highly discernible in the demeanour of CIS’s worthy Alumni who convened; perhaps, for one of the most significant days of their lives i.e. the much-awaited Alumni Meet. The event – “Coffee with Alumni” witnessed numerous fun and veritably enjoyable activities wherein both the meritorious Alumni and the industrious faculty of CIS partook with great zest. The event kick started with an interesting game of ‘Jenga’ that is much loved by not only the children but also the adults. The game fundamentally entails a building that is quite the cynosure of all eyes. The focussed Alumni put forth their best attempts at not letting the structure collapse. Furthermore, the Alumni indulged in ‘Hinglish Activity’ wherein one participant was essentially required to narrate the title of a Hindi movie solely employing English language. Thereafter, the alumni luxuriated in the ‘Balancing Balloon’ game, which necessitated each alumnus to ensure aboveground disposition of the balloon before it successfully reached its final destination. The visibly contented Alumni also relished the ‘Ping Pong Ball’ challenge that required each participant to recoil the ping pong ball in such a manner that it unfailingly landed inside a cup. Lastly, a rather pleasurable ‘Straw activity’ was arranged for the Alumni who were required to pass several chits from one end to the other solely with the help of a straw. The memorable conclusion of the event expectedly beheld many pleased and cheerful faces along with the mandatory sweet promises of undying friendships and honourable commitments to stay connected. CIS ardently looks forward to a strong and perpetual relationship with its worthy alumni who shall certainly shine and excel in their promising future.