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Chitkara International School has been ranked one of top 3 schools in Chandigarh City


Based on 6 parameters, Digital Learning has ranked our school as one of top 3 schools in Chandigarh City Rankings amongst “Top Schools of India – Ranking 2017”. All top schools of India were evaluated on the following parameters:

Academic Excellence: Wherein top schools were judged for adopting the best practices for overall development of Students

Learning Experience: Schools were judged for adopting best teaching strategies benefitting the students to provide finest possible cognitive learning experiences filling the gap between what is taught and what Industry requires in the future

Goodwill and Legacy: Top schools were evaluated for adhering to strong culture, systems, and values over the years. Present goodwill of schools was also evaluated though getting detailed information on school environment, unbiased environment, effective discipline, safe and secure environment

Future Ready Infrastructure: Schools were gauged for providing future ready curriculum and assessment through digitization, personalized professional learning for futuristic jobs, high quality, high speed technology based robust infrastructure

Online Presence: Top schools having informative school website with useful homepage, mobile friendly responsive design and best social media integration were evaluated under this parameter

Social Footprints: Top schools were evaluated having widespread presence on all social media platforms including Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Google, Flickr etc., along with depicting strong Parental Involvement through online school management platform