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Academic Super League 2019


The much-awaited “Academic Super League” stands as a confirmation of CIS’s commitment towards providing an integrated form of learning that incorporates academics along with other equally significant mediums of education. The league poses as a sincere attempt to widen the horizon and to expand one’s outlook towards life, more so, towards learning. The league has been divided into three categories viz. ‘Sci-Fi Masquerade – A Fancy Dress Competition’, ‘The Mughal Era Masquerade’ and ‘Voice Address – Spread your voice with Charisma’.

‘Sci-Fi Masquerade’ aims to provide a platform to the students of Grade 1 to Grade 4, to showcase their artistic and creative skills and capabilities. Additionally, it aims to lay a solid foundation that shall help the students to design path-breaking scientific innovations and inventions in the future.

Similarly, ‘The Mughal Era Masquerade’ has been scheduled for the students of Grade 5 and Grade 6 with a heartfelt objective of enhancing their likelihood towards the subject of History, since, the impressiveness of Mughal Era and, the toughness and cleverness of Mughal Emperors are not only fascinating but also highly informative about India’s growth over the years. The children will be required to implement their creative vision to bring out a look that represents the Mughal Era. In addition to learning about the clever strategies that were commonly adopted by the Mughal Emperors, the students will be inspired to develop an interest in architecture and the rich legacy of various cultures.

Finally, ‘Voice Address – Spread your voice with Charisma’ has been organised for the students of Grade 7 to Grade 10 with a goal to enhance their elocution skills and boost their confidence with regards to public speaking. We are all aware that, India is believed to be a country of story-tellers. The people of the nation commend and entrust good speakers. Therefore, CIS consciously understands the importance of providing an appropriate platform to its students where the future orators of our nation can confidently hold debates, discussions and the like, especially in a liberal, friendly and lively environment.