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Chitkara International School is always inclined and directed towards fabricating the holistic development of the teachers through various workshops in and out of the school. The workshops aim to churn out and refine their learning and teaching abilities in an unprecedented way. These workshops take both academics and recreation into consideration which eventually act as the edifice of empowered teaching.

In-school Workshops-

Workshops for School Teachers
We organise various workshops for teachers for their pedagogical and pragmatic learning. Some of the in-house workshops being organised in the school are as follows:

  • Workshop on ‘Making lesson plans and Teacher’s Diary’
  • Workshop on ‘Early Numeracy and Reading Comprehension’
  • Workshop on Corporal Punishment
  • Induction Programs
  • Buddy Teaching

Workshops for different Schools

We also organise workshops for faculty from different schools. Our objective to organise these workshops is to spread the knowledge and experience of the resource persons to a larger forefront. To list down-

  • ASL training by Trinity College, London
  • Workshop on “Teaching Makes a Difference – Leading Schools with Professional Development & Personal Mentoring at the Core” by Chitkara University and Cardiff University.

Out of the School Workshops

We also look forward to encouraging our faculty to attend various out-of-school workshops to provide qualitative knowledge of various educational aspects. To list down-

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 2015
  • 8th Ed Leadership International Roundtable
  • Master Teacher Training Program 2015
  • Robotics and Flipped learning workshop
  • Regional and National workshops organised by CBSE

Recreational Workshops-

CIS also resort to various recreational workshops for teachers to build a stress-free environment in the work culture. Some of the recreational events/activities being organised are-

  • In-house matches for teaching staff
  • Day-out activities and Luncheons
  • Stress-free workshops

CIS always looks forward to fostering information exchange through these workshops and considers them as an important aspect of active learning.