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Students at Chitkara International School are actively encouraged to engage in both teamwork and leadership activities. In addition to developing their negotiation and presentation skills, students experience the satisfaction of completing projects and building positive self images while working closely with their peers.CIS students regularly work in teams and present work to both peers and groups outside the classroom. Large and small group team work is considered valuable and necessary to advance cognitive development.

We believe that the ability to speak comfortably in front of groups is an essential life skill. While leadership and teamwork are an integral part of the classroom experience at CIS, we also encourage our students to engage in more formalized leadership opportunities.

Chitkara International School promotes leadership of all styles and nature. We allow each and every child to experience being a CEO or a manager of the four houses i.e. Steel Talkers, Brass Sounders, Zinc Thinkers and Copper Stoppers at least once during his tenure in the school.