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The research element in the school curriculum and the infrastructure is what defines CIS. The research element is very much evident once parent walks through the school and gets an insight into the 21st century learning processes. This again is the intellectual property right of the research team at Chitkara that has spent ten years on extensive curriculum development and content creation. Starting from the Annual Blueprint, BI-monthly Planners, Bi-monthly dosages, Knowledge Polish, Exam Capsules, Word wall, Word web, Word searches, Brain work, Chapter connects, Web analysis, In house cursives to activity books are all production of Chitkara School Factory. This research is where the soul of the school lies and the school envisions spreading this virus of research all across. Also research could be seen on all corridors, walkways and hallways of the school, in the classroom, the library and the learning studios. Also the school strives to inject this research virus into every Child‘s blood right at the beginning within first six years of development so that this becomes part of the bone marrow. This DNA of Gen Z learner at Chitkara will create leaders, scholars, researchers, mentors, and scientists in whichever field they opt at later stages. The idea is to create electricity more than saving it thus adding to the world and multiplying this DNA to help mankind.

Research & Publications:

Name of The Journal Name of the Research Paper
International Journal of Information Technology and Business Management
27-May, 2012 Vol. 1, No-1
Confidence level rating in multiple choice test leading to increase in reliability and decrease in standard error of measurement
Educationia Confab February 2013 Vol. 2, No. 2, Assessing Scholastic and Non-Scholastic areas of Learning of Primary School 4th and 5th Graders In English, Mathematics and Science

Best Presentation Award By Chandigarh Librarians’ Association “Best Practices in School Libraries in Digital Era: a study” was selected for the publication in the National Conference conducted by Chandigarh Librarians’ Association in October 2013, and Won First prize for the “Best Paper Presentation Award”.
MENTOR Magazine November 2014 Digital Libraries: Do we really need in the digital era?” an article was published in MENTOR magazine, November 2014 issue
Case Study Selected
“Information Seeking Behaviour in digital age: a case study of Chitkara International School Library” has been selected for the publication in their forthcoming edited book by IATLIS (Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Sciences) in the National Conference on 20- 21st of November, 2015 conducted by IATLIS in Panjab University, Chandigarh.
Emerging Trends
in Libraries
Marketing of Information Products and Services” selected for the publication in the National Conference conducted by Chandigarh Librarians’ Association in October 2015, and Won First prize for the “Best Paper Presenter Award”

International Journal in management and social sciences with the impact factor 5.276. SIGNIFICANCE OF E- RESOURCES IN THE DIGITAL ERA: A STUDY
Dance Studies A Research based on the Comparative Study between the old and new techniques. The Implementation of New Methodology and its Assessment method

Volume: II, Series: 5. Issue: May, 2015. ISSN: 2347-7695 < >

Teacher Magazine Volume 11, Number 4, October-December 2017 Joining the dots what makes an innovative school?
Mentor magazine-July, 2016 Importance of Book Reviews
4th National Conference of CLA, November 2016 Marketing of Information Products & Services: Challenges & Opportunities: a study
International Journal of Library, Information Networks and Knowledge
(January-June 2017)
Information Seeking Behaviour of Students in the Context of Digital Age Services at Chitkara International School Library- a case study in SSARSC