Admission Helpline

Nursery to Grade X

You are most welcome to visit our school and have an informal discussion with or without your child. We emphasis on knowing the school before and ask as many as questions during your school visit. Once you feel that CIS is the right school for your child, you may download the Registration Form or collect it from the school office.

The Registration Form should be filled in and signed by the person responsible for the student’s education. Filled forms have to be submitted at the school office. Parents are requested to be frank and honest in providing information in the Admission Application Form. Kindly refer to the admission notice for more details.

The minimum age requirement for admission in various classes:

Class Minimum age of the Child
(As on the 31st of March 2017)
Playway (Chicklets) 2 years and above
Nursery (Nestling) 3 Years and above
Junior K.G (Fledgling) 4 Years and above
Senior K.G (Cygnets) 5 Years and above
Grade 1 6 Years and above
Grade 2 7 Years and above
Grade 3 8 Years and above
Grade 4 9 Years and above
Grade 5 10 Years and above
Grade 6 11 Years and above
Grade 7 12 Years and above
Grade 8 13 Years and above
Grade 9 14 Years and above

For information regarding fee payments and the formalities of admission to be completed, you may contact the Admission Team on the following numbers:

Ms. Roop Kamal Ahluwalia
Contact Number: +91-82880-99489

Ms. Tanu Kalra Mahajan
Contact Number: +91-82880-99490