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Innovative and Hybrid Learning Spaces- An endeavour Instrumental to Students’ Learning at Chitkara International School

Drawing the inspiration from Chitkara University, its educational conglomerate, Chitkara International School (CIS) has conceived intellectually stimulating and modern infrastructure to enable the holistic development of the learners of today – Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Ranging from sought after learning spaces to skillfully designed classes, the infrastructure of the school is formulated keeping in mind the changing educational and industrial trends.

Chitkara’s Knowledge Expanse: Expounding the Impact of Physical Setting on Students’ Learning

The school has effectively integrated the concept of hybrid pedagogy into its modules and infrastructure. Highlighting the same, the school has designed classrooms based on future career choices as per industry4.0 and the vocational squads (clubs on art & craft, photography, oration, hospitality, coding, media & animation etc.). Within the classrooms, there are unique as well as insightful elements like Green Windows (blinds which display the pertinent environment-related information to enable the pupils to be environment conscious & adopt a sustainable lifestyle), Selfie Signages and Outlook Express (space provided for the exhibition of creative ideas to enhance creativity among students), Informative Career Walls ( information regarding booming career opportunities), Fact Windows ( informative facts to cater the needs of inquisitive minds ), The Project Skirting(slots given for the projects showcasing), The Readers’ Closet (compact classroom library), Mobile Racks(library on wheels), Activity Corners (topic-based decorated nooks) and Value Windows (window on moral values).

More so, to endorse the concept of ‘learning is everywhere’ the hallways and walkways of the school are equipped with sensory landmarks and watermarks (to enhance motor skills) and different mounted models and posters, out of which some are working models (university’s patented models and research projects that aid in the understanding of the machinery and its working process). Further, keeping in mind that the 21st century is largely technology-driven, the classrooms are equipped with projectors, smart boards and e- beams which cater to interactive learning lessons and information exchange in real-time with the students. Besides this, the school is scrupulously working in tandem with Industry 4.0 by harnessing technologies and incorporating them into the curriculum & infrastructure to coach pupils as well as up-skill their existing pool of knowledge.

The school also has well-equipped Science Labs and Technology Labs as per C.B.S.E norms for the betterment and practical implementation of the particular subject. The campus also comprises a unique brain-shaped auditorium named Coliseum Theatre. Likewise, is a Tree House in the school campus which is being used in storytelling sessions and creative spaces such as Karaoke Station, the Dance Studio, the Music Factory, #footagesquare(animedia room) and Art Studios. The school has also set a VR Station at its reception for its visitors to experience the state-of-the-art structure through a 360-degree virtual tour. Every corner of the school talks about its unique pedagogy and offers an experience of learning while walking. The Jungle safari, the Underwater world and the ‘M’ and ‘W’ floor, Explore your potential, Astro maestro, Great artists and their work and Invento themed floors mark an enriching learning experience.Besides this, the campus also has an Indoor Play station, various Sports Fields, Memory Lane (school museum), Lifestyle Education Room, the Wellbeing Room, Creche etc.

Environmental and Sustainable Architecture: Balancing social, economic and environmental sustainability

In its futuristic academic campus, a special emphasis has also been laid on the inclusion of UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS and various green practices so that the learners are apprised and concomitantly sensitised of the global challenges & environment sustainability. Overall, Chitkara International School offers a very vibrant, colourful, thematic, inviting and knowledgeable learning experience to the children at its premises.

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