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FABRICA: The Gleeful 9th Annual Function of Chitkara International School

“Celebration is the greatest act of expressing reverence or appreciation.”

The beginning of the magical weaving…
Chitkara’s annual day event is truly a celebration of unity, success, learning, and growth. It is an event that unfailingly enlightens the students in the process of preparation and is longingly looked forward to by its lovely students. The venturesome journey of the 9th Annual Event was determinedly marched by the school team with a genuine intent of celebrating the blissful year and welcoming the sweet possibilities of the future with open arms.

Fabrica, Day 1 – 18th December 2019

The blissful week of 9th Annual Day Celebrations kicked off with great fervour and unbounded merriment. Day 1 of “Fabrica – The Saga of Needle & Thread” witnessed the veracious display of differently-hued fabrics through spellbinding art.Beginning the stylish celebration with a captivating Welcome Speech, the programme moved forward to a breathtaking dance performance. Thereafter, the talented Chitkarians exhibited a truly mellifluous yet melodic song performance, capable of infusing charm in the auditorium with each successive note. The performers of the Opening Dance displayed supreme level of balance and veritably created masterpieces with their feet. The splendid act was then followed by the performances of the little artists of kindergarten who endearingly narrated the untold saga of Needle and Thread. The informative saga entailed the beautiful picturisation of the evolution, information, and uses of variegated fabrics viz. Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Chiffon, Georgette and Silk. At the end of the event, the highly palpable pride and joy of the supportive parents was indeed a matter of contentment for the school team and management.

Fabrica, Day 2 – 19th December 2019

Day 2 of Fabrica beheld the splendid magnificence of fascinating performances of the steadfast Chitkarians. On the second day of the event, the audience witnessed the engaging lifecycle of a beautiful silk moth emerging out of its intricately woven net to form exquisite silk fibers. The said act was preceded by a truly heartening welcome speech and followed by a veritably soul-stirring musical performance. The glorious opening dance yet again earned outright appreciation from the kind audience. The naturally artistic students of Fledgling

(C & D), Cygnets and Grade 1 (Alpha & Omega) captivated the audience of proud parents and thoughtful mentors with their supreme performances. The performances narrated & depicted with admirable certitude, the comprehensive information of various fabrics viz. Rayon, Leather, Ramie, Satin, Nylon, and Vinyl. The eventful Day 2 of “Fabrica – The Saga of Needle & Thread” successfully concluded on a happy, promising and memorable note.

Fabrica, Day 3 – 20th December 2019

The event had precisely been a visual delight for the audience right from the start, and upholding the same, Day 3 of Chitkara’s 9th Annual Event witnessed beautiful children dressed in ethereal fabrics of variegated forms. The various dance and music performances appealingly portrayed and narrated the evolution and explicit information of various fabrics. The beautifully-set stage with huge kinetic backdrop elegantly covered in colourful fibers exponentially enhanced the beauty of the school’s auditorium. On the third day of the event, the little scholars of Grade 1 Sigma confidently apprised the audience of proud parents and illustrious guests about the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of ‘Linen’. The origin and utility of ‘Jute’ fiber were further elucidated by the brilliant students of Grade 2 Alpha.

Similarly, the students of Grade 2 Omega, 2 Sigma, and 2 Beta shared details of the fabrics viz. Denim, Velvet, and Polyester. Finally, a complex fabric-like ‘Polypropylene’ was admirably and easily depicted by the wondrous performance of the students of Grade 3 Alpha. Day 3 of ‘Fabrica’ turned out to be a great success due to the efforts of the radiant students, the assiduous teachers, and the diligent school team and management. The jolly presence of the beaming parents and the illustrious guests too greatly dignified the event.

Fabrica, Day 4 – 21st December 2019

Day 4 of the magnificent 9th Annual Event kicked off with an amazingly well-coordinated performance of the dexterous members of Scouts & Guides. The majestic crescendoing drum rolls announced the merry arrival of the meritorious guests and, informed everyone about the glorious beginning of the fourth day of the grand event. Welcoming the school’s team & management, the proud parents and the honourable chief guests with the most heartening welcome speech, the wonderful Chitkarians went on to display “The Saga of Needle & Thread” with commendable self-assertion. Following the splendid opening acts, the poised students of Grade 3 and 4 charmingly depicted the sublime beauty of various fabrics viz. Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Georgette, Polyester and Viscose by means of superlative dance performances. The evolution, usage, advantages, disadvantages, and cost-effectiveness of the said fabrics were brilliantly narrated and depicted through a highly humorous, relatable, captivating, and riveting act. The well-written and playful play script had been designed for tactful impartation of vast information pertaining to various fabrics. The eventful day ended on a rather cheery and positive note.

Fabrica, Day 5 – 22nd December 2019

The spectacular fifth day of Fabrica descried the praiseworthy, supreme performances of the students of Grade 5 and Grade 6 who confidently exhibited unmatched glamour through their meticulously-woven elegant outfits and, mesmerised the audience by means of conscientiously prepared acts. The show got off the ground with admirable singing and dancing performances those constituted the opening acts. Thereafter, the performers extraordinaire of Grade 5 and Grade 6 enlightened the audience about various fabrics viz. Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Chiffon, Georgette and Rayon by means of sweet narration, depiction and description of the same. The magnificently-set stage entailing the stunning aerodynamic display of textile proved to be the x-factor of the event. At the end of the event-filled penultimate day of Fabrica, the candid happiness of the contented students and proud parents was highly palpable.

Fabrica, Day 6 – 23rd December 2019

The week-long celebration of creative art came to an end with the merry conclusion of the truly resplendent 9th Annual Event of the school. The various acts performed at the event brilliantly and beautifully portrayed the sweet commingling of the warp &weft with utmost meticulousness. After the saga completed its penultimate stage, the sixth and the ultimate day of Fabrica witnessed the superb and sublime performances of the students of Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9. The musical marching band, the eloquent speakers, the melodious singing group, the extremely witty actors, and the synchronised dancers collectively graced the event and truly fascinated the audience. The highly graceful event was further ennobled by the presence of its esteemed guests who wholeheartedly cheered the students on during their wonderful acts. The said acts accurately depicted the origin and evolution of diverse fabrics like Silk, Ramie, Satin, Nylon, Polyester, Vinyl, Denim and Leather. At the bittersweet end of the closing day of Fabrica, the students contentedly greeted their respected parents and teachers who were themselves beaming with joy and pride.

Parting Thoughts

‘Fabrica – The Saga of Needle & Thread’ aimed to efficaciously refine the uniformly taught concept of ‘Fibre to Fabric’. In addition to manifesting supreme teaching mechanisms, the highly common yet unique theme of the school’s 9th annual event further allowed the colourful visualisation of interweaving of the warp & weft in the most compelling manner. The informative yet pleasurable celebration indeed witnessed many well-prepared, well-researched and well-presented acts those veraciously captivated and enlightened the audience.

It is undeniably due to the unmatched efforts, unshakeable determination and unwavering dedication of the students, staff, and management that the event turned out to be a huge success.

In the end, CIS sincerely acknowledges the earnest efforts of the students and, joyfully congratulates them on putting up a memorable show. The school feels most gratified by the merry conclusion of the extremely productive year and looks forward to yet another promising year of learning and growth.

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