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CIS Winter Olympics- The Annual Sports Day of Chitkara International School conducted virtually at its campus…

“Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.” ~George F. Will

Aiming for Excellence in Sports

Complying with the aforementioned quote and with the aim of inculcating psychomotor, sportsmanship, leadership and team management skills in the students of kindergarten to grade 12, “CIS Winter Olympics”, the Annual Sports Day of Chitkara International School was organised virtually on 10th and 11th February 2022. The aforementioned event entailed a series of overarching yet riveting activities that helped in evolving the educational journey of the students. Besides this, the objective of the event was to hone and augment the strength, endurance, agility, stamina and flexibility of the students, hence, leading towards their holistic growth and development along with enhancing their abilities of critical thinking, problem- solving and cognition.

Day 1- The Frolicsome Vistas

The first day witnessed the magnificent performance of the winsome students of kindergarten to grade 2. The all-embracing event began with a vivifying Welcome Speech followed by an engrossing and dynamic March Past by the avid members of the Student Cabinet. The March Past was followed by the Lighting of the Olympic Torch, the Opening Ceremony and the Oath Ceremony.

Next, the students partook in a plethora of all-inclusive activities viz. March Past, Zig Zag with Crumble Ball, Lava Walk, Line Jump, Circuit Training with Two Sheets, Skill Activity, Slide Touching and Kick Backs, Running Man and Speed Bounce Jump as well as an electrifying Dance Performance. Lastly, day-1 of “CIS Winter Olympics” concluded with a display of Olympic Highlights and a Vote of Thanks. Furthermore, a special tribute was paid to the eminent singer Lata Mangeshkar, during the event.

Indeed, the exuberant and enthralling activities significantly helped in evolving the educational journey of the students.

Day 2- A Spectacle of Comradeship

The second day of the said event saw a brilliant display of talent of grades 3 to 12 students. The day began with an ecstatic Welcome Speech which was followed by an enthralling March Past by the Student Cabinet of CIS, the Lighting of the Olympic Torch, Opening Ceremony and Oath Ceremony. Thereafter, the avid learners participated in a surfeit of enlightening and engaging activities viz. March Past, Balancing Aeroplane Pose & Jumping Jacks, Squats & Wind Mill, Triceps Dips & Plank, Skipping and Jumping Squats, Squats Holding and High Knee, Star Jump & Squat and Bend Forward and Side Heel Touch Crunches & Mountain Climbing.

Besides this, the students also partook in an exhilarating Dance Performance that was exceedingly treasured by them as well as the spectators. Next, a special tribute was paid by the school to the renowned Indian playback singer, Lata Mangeshkar. Furthermore, the magnificent Olympic Highlights were presented to all the viewers. Lastly, the overarching Virtual Sports Day Event of CIS concluded with an overwhelming vote of thanks.

Overall, the two-day event proved to be a huge success and a worthwhile educational experience for the dynamic Chitkarians.

The Tailpiece

Sports are a fundamental part of a student’s growth and development. Further, engaging in sports activities help in the enrichment of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of every learner. Apart from this, the students gain various skills, experience and confidence that are crucial for developing their personalities. Keeping in mind the same, CIS persistently organises numerous events pertaining to sports and fitness to make the educational experiences of its students invaluable and effectual.

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