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Cinematic Symphony: Chitkara International School’s and Cinevidya’s Cinemaestro take 5 Triumphs in Chandigarh and Panchkula

In the realm where imagination meets the lens, where storytelling transcends boundaries, Chitkara International School proudly unveiled the cinematic spectacle, CineMaestro Take 5. This unparalleled filmmaking workshop and festival stand as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing the future architects of Indian cinema.

Initiated under the visionary guidance of Mr. Amitabha Singh, a luminary in the Indian film industry, CineMaestro Take 5 was not just an event; it was a journey that propelled young minds into the captivating world of filmmaking. The heartbeat of this initiative, Cinevidya – a path-breaking Social Enterprise, echoes the mission to empower students across the nation with hands-on training, cutting-edge technology, and insights from industry experts.

As the curtain rose on this cinematic saga, Chitkara International School set the stage for an immersive experience. From the ceremonious lighting that symbolised the dawn of enlightenment to the expertly curated modules led by distinguished mentors, CineMaestro Take 5 invited students from all over Tricity to embark on a transformative journey.

Chitkara International School, Chandigarh: Day 1 – Igniting Cinematic Journeys

Chitkara International School successfully hosted Day 1 of the magnificent and much-awaited CineMaestro Take 5: Shaping Future Filmmakers Workshop, where industry experts took the lead in guiding students from all over Tricity. The inauguration of CineMaestro at Chitkara International School commenced with ceremonious lighting, a symbolic beacon of enlightenment that heralded the day’s events. Dr. Niyati Chitkara, the visionary Director of Chitkara International Schools, Chandigarh and Panchkula, and Dr. Honey Chitkara, the exceptional Associate Director cum Principal of Chitkara International School Chandigarh, the driving forces behind this cinematic journey, graced the occasion with their esteemed presence, underscoring their pivotal contributions. Amidst this aura of anticipation and grace, the participants were poised to embark on an exceptional learning experience. Distinguished mentors stood ready to share their wisdom and expertise, ensuring that the eager students would gain invaluable insights. In the realm of Cinematography, the accomplished Mr. Amitabha Singh and Mr. Pushkar Singh Bisht led the way, guiding students to unravel the art of capturing compelling visuals. They illuminated the nuances of camera work and the play of lighting, promising to nurture the budding filmmakers. Simultaneously, Ms. Sweety Ruhel took charge of the Screen Acting module, inviting students to discover the enchantment of on-screen performance. Ms. Santwana Bayaskar, a maestro in Sound Design, immersed students in the auditory realm, imparting wisdom on sound recording and design. Meanwhile, Ms. Kalyani Sawadkar brought the art of Choreography to life, empowering students to infuse their storytelling with emotion and rhythm through dance.

Chitkara International School, Chandigarh: Day 2 – Culmination of Cinematic Excellence

Day 2 marked the grand culmination of the CineMaestro Take 5: Shaping Future Filmmakers Workshop, an event that left an indelible mark on young minds eager to explore the world of cinema. In a heartwarming ceremony, certificates of achievement were awarded to the students who had diligently attended and actively participated in the workshop. Their faces beamed with pride as they received this tangible recognition of their commitment to the art of filmmaking. Moreover, the star performers of each module were at the centre stage, basking in well-deserved applause for their exceptional efforts and contributions. Mr. Amitabha Singh and Mr. Pushkar Singh Bisht, mentors in Cinematography, commended the outstanding skills displayed by their students in capturing compelling visuals. Ms. Sweety Ruhel, leading the Screen Acting module, applauded the exceptional on-screen performances that captivated the audience. Ms. Santwana Bayaskar, the maestro of Sound Design, recognised the exemplary work in sound recording and design that had elevated the workshop’s quality. Ms Kalyani Sawadkar, the mentor for Choreography, praised the students who had masterfully infused their storytelling with emotion and rhythm through dance. The felicitation ceremony not only celebrated individual achievements but also underscored the collaborative spirit that had defined this workshop. It was a moment of inspiration and motivation, a reminder that filmmaking is not just an art form but a journey where dedication and passion are rewarded.

Chitkara International School, Panchkula: Day 1 & Day 2 – A Cinematic Odyssey Repeated

As the cinematic odyssey unfolded at Chitkara International School, Panchkula, Days 1 and 2 mirrored the brilliance witnessed in Chandigarh. The event was inaugurated with ceremonious lighting and graced by Dr. Niyati Chitkara and Dr. Honey Chitkara, echoed the commitment to shaping future filmmakers. In Panchkula, industry experts guided students through cinematography, screen acting, sound design, and choreography, replicating the exceptional learning experience. The grand culmination celebrated achievements, with certificates of achievement awarded and star performers lauded for their contributions. Undoubtedly, the workshop in Panchkula, much like its counterpart in Chandigarh, imparted knowledge and sparked creativity, leaving a lasting legacy in the cinematic pursuits of these aspiring future filmmakers!

In the embroidery of CineMaestro Take 5, Chitkara International School has woven an extraordinary chapter of inspiration, collaboration, and artistic exploration. As the workshop concluded, the echoes of creativity and passion linger, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the aspiring filmmakers. The certificates of achievement are not just symbols; they represent the dedication and commitment of each participant to the art of filmmaking. Beyond the skills acquired, the workshop ignited a spark of creativity, promising to shine brightly in the future endeavours of these young storytellers. With a legacy of excellence, CineMaestro Take 5 bids farewell, knowing that it has sown the seeds for a future where every frame tells a unique and compelling story.