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Chitkara International School Shines in CBSE Class X and XII Board Exams

Chitkara International School (CIS) continues its legacy of excellence with outstanding results in both CBSE Class X and XII board exams, showcasing the dedication and hard work of its students and faculty.

Class XII Board Results: Excellence Unveiled

In the Commerce stream, Ruhani Sharma leads the pack with an exceptional percentage of 93.6%, followed closely by Rajbir Singh with 92.4%. Rajbir’s multifaceted talents extend to filmmaking and public speaking, earning accolades both nationally and within the school community. Meanwhile, Ayushman Monga’s impressive performance with 91.2% highlights his commitment to academics and co-curricular activities.

In the Humanities stream, Harshit emerges as the frontrunner with a remarkable 91.8%, closely followed by Taqdeer Bath at 91% and Gargi, and Shrut at 89.8%, showcasing dedication and excellence in their respective fields.

In the Non-medical stream, Aargh Rai’s 87.8% stands out, followed by Arryan Madhu Chitkara at 86%. Arryan is a studentpreneur, swachhta ambassador and a multitasker and has actively participated in numerous competitions at national and international level, bringing accolades to the school. In third place is Saumya at 86%, followed by Disha at 84.4%.

In the Medical stream, Vanshikha Lamba’s 86.80% and Pradyuman’s 83% highlight their academic dedication and diverse achievements, setting a benchmark for their peers.

The students’ achievements underscore the importance of balancing academics with co-curricular activities, exemplified by Taqdeer Bath’s prowess in sports alongside academic excellence.

Class X Board Results: Achieves 100% Pass Rate

Chitkara International School celebrates a remarkable 100% pass percentage in the CBSE Class X board exams, reflecting the school’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Kanishka Bhushan leads with an outstanding 97.6%, followed closely by Parul with 97.2%. Shaurya Vardhan Berry, Archita Raman, Vanshika, and Aanya Mahajan share the third position with an exceptional score of 97%.

Students like Archita Raman and Parul’s perfect scores in mathematics, along with Arushi’s flawless score in science, showcase mastery and aptitude in their respective subjects.

Balancing academics with sports, students like Archita Raman, Anish Yadav, Sanskriti Bhardwaj, Sampreet Malhotra, and Anirudh excel both in the classroom and on the field, highlighting the school’s holistic approach to education.

Dr. Niyati Chitkara’s Reflections on Academic Triumph: A Word of Commendation

Dr. Niyati Chitkara, with pride and admiration, applauds the exceptional performance of the students, recognizing their dedication and hard work as the driving forces behind their success. She attributes this achievement not only to the students’ efforts but also to the unwavering support and collaboration of parents and faculty members. Dr. Chitkara emphasizes that the school’s commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment has been instrumental in nurturing the talents and capabilities of each student. This collaborative spirit, she believes, is the cornerstone of Chitkara International School’s ethos, reaffirming its dedication to academic excellence and holistic development.

Scripting Success: CIS Pioneers Academic Excellence

In the saga of academic triumph at Chitkara International School, the chapters of Class X and XII board results stand out as milestones of excellence. With a flawless 100% pass rate in the Class X exams, CIS reaches new heights, while in the Class XII board exams, the school unveils a tapestry of excellence, showcasing stellar performances across streams. As the curtains draw on this remarkable journey, it is evident that CIS, with its unwavering commitment to holistic development and academic prowess, continues to script success stories, setting a benchmark for educational institutions nationwide.