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Chitkara International School Celebrates Its Annual Global Week

Students at Chitkara International School get an education that equips them for a career with no geographical boundaries. It is ensured that students in Chitkara are exposed to the manner of thinking necessary for success in today’s global world through its international component programmes and activities. Global Week is one such extravaganza that is observed every year at Chitkara International School. The idea behind Global Week is to provide students with educational experiences that expand beyond geographical borders.

Global Week – A riveting and exhilarating event organised at CIS
Chitkara International School and Chitkara University believes that one of the finest methods to internationalise the educational experience for students is through Global Week, a component of Global Engagement. The school held its annual Global Week in the month of October this year. This occasion indeed acted as a catalyst for fostering networking among faculty members, information transfer, and cross-cultural competency. Eminent professors taught specified short module courses under this event. It served as an excellent opportunity for networking between local and visiting professors and a medium to engage students in various educational sessions.

The Tailpiece
The Global Week at Chitkara International School is dedicated to the aim of raising students who are “locally oriented and globally competent, culturally aware and ready to contribute to world knowledge and discovery.” Globalisation has changed the world, and in order to meet with the demands of the developing society students need to be more socially, culturally, economically and politically aware. Chitkara International School, through such events, persistently works to create an environment where students can enhance their prospects for thriving both as global citizens and as professionals by globalising their education.