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Chitkara International School as Environment-Friendly School

Being Accredited by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), Quality Council of India(QCI), and proud holder of platinum rank out of 460 schools of Tricity in School Health Accreditation Project powered by Department of Education (DOE), Chandigarh & PGIMER, Chitkara International School (CIS) possesses a culture of quality.

Also, MHRD, Government of India graciously conferred upon it the ‘Swachh Vidyalaya Puruskar’ (with a 100% score in the sub-category Toilet).

Our GREEN Emblem

CIS stands explicitly regardful of the significance that an emblem entails. Being the diagrammatic representation of the ideologies and principles that the school solemnly abides by, CIS’s green-coloured emblem stands to reaffirm the school’s profound belief in self-respect and well being of every student. It stands for prosperity, environmental conservation, and growth. It strives to provide its students, with a convivial and healthy environment, and earnestly hopes for them, to tread the glorious path of success in years to come – an idea that has been rightly portrayed by the arrows aiming towards the sky in its emblem.

Our GREEN Infrastructure

Working in tandem with the objectives laid down by its green emblem, Chitkara’s Green infrastructure plays an indispensable role in the pursuit of maintaining a healthy environment in the school. CIS dedicatedly follows the principle of segregating wet and dry waste that marks its contribution towards deflecting the production of greenhouse gases, thereby weakening the global warming process. With an intent to minimise the ill-effects of waste on humans, aesthetics and the environment, an efficient Waste Management System has been developed that regulates the waste from its initiation to final disposal by implementing the principle of ‘Waste Hierarchy’. The school has instituted in its campus the LED lights to save electricity and Photovoltaic Solar Panels with a long-term goal of reducing dependence on nonrenewable sources and ensuring production of cost-effective and emission-free electricity, resulting in lower pollution levels and electricity bills.

Moreover, with unwavering adherence to its goal, the school carries out Rainwater Harvesting through its well-constructed reservoirs and subsurface aquifers that store rainwater and lessens the detrimental overdependence on exhaustible water sources. The school maintains 30% ‘Green Cover’ containing natural and planted vegetation thereby ensuring hygienic environment.

The boundary of the school is surrounded by the Neem trees as it acts as an air purifier. Moreover, plantations of various kinds of trees in the garden and periphery of the school have been carried by the students and staff.

In pursuit to assemble a repository of essential herbs and medicinal plants, Agronic Culture is taken up through barrel farming at the campus rooftop. Furthermore, Vermicompost, Organic garden & Herbal Garden are set up at campus to produce superlative food products and eco-friendly plantation. Also, the school has Treehouse that serves as a recreational and strife-free place for Kindergartens.

The school has installed an Incinerator Machine in its campus to minimize the environmental pollution and health hazards associated with the menstrual waste disposal.

Our GREEN Students

In the unravelling of the meticulously thought-out “Green Environment Scheme” of the school, its students have emerged as forerunners and their contributions remain crucial. It is the brilliance of its students that have made possible, the development of bio-degradable plastic. In addition to this, the School Health Brigade conducts numerous clean initiatives and informative sessions that apprise the community about pertinent actions to be taken for healthy living. Its conscientious NSS Unit’s ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’ aims to wipe out the remotest possibility of squalidness at school. Its capable students persistently hold mentoring sessions for the students of other schools. The young inventors, with their indomitable ethos and minds par excellence, have developed a Paper Recycling Project and Double Plumbing Project (it reclaims used water by incorporating treatment technologies, thereby reducing the overall consumption of water per head) for the school. Moreover, as an integral part of the cleanliness monitoring team, its students actively hold and run various green events & activities (like plantation drives, green talks, green competitors, etc.) and eco clubs. The Chitkarians were also the active members of the initiative that entailed the reduction of the number of trees suffering from Cuscuta in Chandigarh.

Our GREEN Administration

The school presents strong conviction in employing smart ways of working and hence, has established a paperless working and communication mechanism among its reputed stakeholders. Regular audits, controls, and checks are implemented to ensure desired level of performance and maximum energy conservation. It continuously holds awareness sessions for its diligent staff and astute students. It repeatedly seeks to identify and implement low energy consumption pieces of equipment in the school for which it has been justly conferred upon the “Energy & Environment conservation Award” by Schneider Electric India Foundation.

Thus CIS upholds the sacred principles and objectives that it iterates vociferously. It stands as an institution, relentlessly working, for environmental amelioration. It strives for the collective good of not only its stakeholders but also the world community at large.

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