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Chitkarians Co-Curricular Squads – A Cadre of Enlightened Repertoire!

The squads are specialised clubs that would give the students a chance to think out of the box and develop creative ideas of their own in different fields with the help of a guide/facilitator from Chitkara University/students faculty or could be an industry expert.


The Big Bang Squad

The Big Bang Squad is a science club that offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the subject knowledge in inventive and novel ways.


Movers and Shakers Squad

Movers and Shakers Squad is an association that allows its members to experience the wonder of dance and the joy of performing.


Techplore Squad

Tech Club allows students to explore, create and experience emerging technologies in fun and inventive ways.


The Palette Squad

The Palette Squad consists of students who love Art and Craft and cannot seem to get enough of them throughout the school day.


Rasa Squad

Rasa squad is meant to bring together students who share an interest and talent in theatre and the performing arts, whether on the stage or behind the scenes.

Hospitality & Grooming Squad

Hospitality & Grooming Squad

An open door, couthy greetings, lovely smile and polished etiquettes appeal to everyone. This squad caters to all the aspects of hospitality and grooming, stretching from students’ demeanour, cooking, table etiquettes to personal grooming habits.


Mastermind Squad

Mastermind squad is a unique and exciting quizzing club to motivate, inspire, encourage and reward children in their quest for knowledge and providing them with the opportunity to be part of challenging competitions.


Orator Squad

Orator Squad is an association of aspiring orators indulged in disparate speaking activities to gain fluency, master rhetorics and enhance oratory & verbalising skills.


Dhwani Squad

Dhwani Squad is designed to bring students together who have a common interest and talent in the world of music.


Photography Squad

Photography Squad is for the students who love capturing moments and are good at it.


Animedia Squad

Animedia Squad will help the students to learn different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, pre/post-production, web designing, photoshop and interactive content. The students will learn to explore their creativity and get an opportunity to influence their presentation of information in an unconventional and unprecedented manner.


The Scrap Craft Squad

The Scrap Craft Squad is for the students who love creating the best out of the scrap. The students will learn different craft making skills using Origami sheets, scissors and various other material thus innovating out of the box ideas.


Rocksteady Squad

The Rocksteady Squad provides a wide range of instructional and competitive athletic and sports opportunities, with an emphasis on student leadership, organization, and team management.


Codegen Squad

Codegen Squad aims to give students a deeper understanding of how coding works and how the written code can be converted into computer comprehensible instruction. Thus this ground-breaking squad will open students to infinite possibilities of coding.

Hierarchy to Classification of the various squad positions:

Chitkara International School has a well-defined placement pattern of squad instructors. Amassed with professionals from Chitkara University and in-house mentors, the goal of providing the best in power co-curricular experience to students is met.