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Chitkara International School is an equal opportunity employer that believes efficient, hard working, dynamic, innovative and ready to learn teachers and staff members are the greatest factors that make for a great learning environment. We owe our success to our highly motivated and talented faculty and staff members. At CIS we offer:

Growth: For Chitkara, growth is the only evidence of life. With a legacy in education for more than 40 years now, we prospect to scale new heights by unveiling our employees with multifarious growth opportunities in every sphere. We always look forward to keeping our faculty roaring upstream by giving them international exposure and also encouraging them to study further and demonstrate their intrinsic potential in the times ahead. We also follow a systematic procedure to unveil our employees’ perspectives and ideas in any aspect by rendering them opportunities and further guiding them to pen down their research papers. Various faculty development programs inculcating efficacious workshops for personal and professional growth and for grooming leadership skill among them is integral to school’s overall development.

Culture: A positive culture around the workplace is certainly the widening of the mind and of the spirit. The encouraging workforce, efficient teamwork, sanguine environment and beatific and eco-friendly infrastructure define our prospect of diverse and hybridized work culture which is duly responsible for the ethos of the school. We do not solely work as an institution but as a family who caters to each and every requirement of the staff members and provide ample amount of assistance be it daily commute for teachers or providing day care facility to the staff members working here. Our work duly reflects what we think and also pockets an abode which is qualitative, supportive and diligent.

Innovation: The best part about learning is sharing what you have and creativity and innovation maximize its impact when shared among working staff. We, at Chitkara, are always inclined to support and promote novel and newfangled ideas. Constant originality and innovation give wings to our prospects and help us in developing the school in a better way. We also foster creative growth by indulging our teachers into textbook designing, constructing the academic framework, making innovative projects, practicals and planners and many more. With innovation we duly mean ideas+ leader+ team+ plan= success.

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