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“The more you know, the more you are able to learn”

One of the leading independent, co-educational schools in the country, Chitkara International School is a wonderful place for learning. Chitkara International School is centered on the lives of children and is dedicated to the development of their intellect and personality.

It is a place large enough to provide an exceptional range of opportunities, yet small enough for each child to be known and valued. We actively encourage the process of joyful discovery that is significant to a meaningful and responsible learning and this is reflected in every aspect of school life. Our love of life and learning enables our students to grow into well-rounded, skillful, caring and confident people, equipped and ready for the adventures and opportunities life has to offer. We are therefore all the most proud of our vibrant and close-knit school community, which not only includes teachers, parents, and students but also a wide network of partners.

Chitkara International School offers curriculum which is stimulating and relevant to the 21st Century Learning. Our core-curriculum concentrates first on the student’s aptitudes, then on the skills and knowledge s/he needs to acquire. Traditional education tends to value a limited range of knowledge and skills but more recent research suggests that intelligence is not unitary but multiple.

At Chitkara International School we have made a curriculum that aims to give students a broader, deeper, richer educational experience by recognizing each student’s strongest talents and building on them in order to ensure that all the areas of talent are developed.

The school’s outlook is dynamic and international, yet firmly rooted in traditional values such as compassion, respect, tolerance, integrity and discipline.