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“A great leader champions the progress and development of other great leaders.”

Students at Chitkara International School are earnestly encouraged to engage in both teamwork and leadership activities. While leadership and teamwork form integral part of the classroom experience at CIS, the school strongly motivates its students to undertake diverse yet exceptionally stimulating leadership tasks set in a more formalised and structured environment.

Through its Student Cabinet, the school aims to foster comfortable, confident and authentic individuals that are equipped with desired repertoire, compassion and attitude of an impressive leader. The membership of the esteemed cabinet further provides mind-altering experience to the students that enhances their decision-making capabilities and allows them to have a progressive and rational outlook.

Chitkara International School promotes the leadership of all styles and nature with utmost conviction in the significance of the same. It allows each and every child to undertake, engage in, and experience the role and responsibilities of a Head Boy, a Head Girl, a Joint Secretary, an Assistant Joint Secretary, a C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer), a V.P (Vice President) and a G.M. (General Manager) at least once during his/her tenure in the school. The selection of candidates is done through an all-inclusive procedure with the members of the cabinet belonging to the four different houses of the school viz. Steel Talkers, Brass Sounders, Zinc Thinkers and Copper Stoppers. The various roles and responsibilities certainly generate self-confidence and effectively ingrain the spirit of leadership in students.

Introduction to the houses and their philosophy:

  • ZINC THINKERS (Motto: “Stir up each project they undertake”)

Zinc Thinkers are the students who can comprehensively ponder on all the essential aspects and behave as catalysts for their teams’ performance. With their thinking cells ticking along with healing and resistant powers at work, they would stir up each project they undertake to give a silver lining to it, under any circumstances.

  • BRASS SOUNDERS (Motto: “Spread a wave of happiness and celebration”)

Brass has the distinction of avoiding tarnish, to remain sparkling eternally. The members reflect back this property in every field of play to show an all-round growth and development. Like the metal alloy, the brass sounders pick out all the great & good qualities from within to outshine others.

  • COPPER STOPPERS (Motto: “Spread their radiance all around”)

Copper as a metal has been streaming and conducting electrifying properties since ages. The members of the house tend to show the same through the conduction and flow of energy, power and progression with ease and excellence.

  • STEEL TALKERS (Motto: “Perseverance conquers”)

The members of Steel Talkers are the ones who possess influential talks. They would throw a deep impact on the listeners and keep their grey cells ticking. Steel is refining, flexible yet infused with strength. The members replicate the properties by showing the required balance of flexibility and strength during trying times and healthy competition to take it all.

On a more elevated level, we also give students an opportunity to become Head Boy, Head Girl, Joint Secretary and Asst. Joint Secretary of the school.



Aaditya Dutta | Head Boy 2019-20

Aaditya Dutta reflects all the traits required to be one of the representatives of the school. He is imaginative, ardent and a rational thinker. He is an outstanding musician and budding programmer. Following the streak of his programming instincts, he believes that the key to solving a problem is breaking it into small pieces and then following a set of rules, just like a computer does. He has brought many laurels to the school by winning various competitions. Being the head boy of the session 2019-20, he is all set to ameliorate the educational experience of the students and amplify the pride & honour of the school.


Ishiqa Sharma | Head Girl 2019-20

Ishiqa Sharma is the radiating example of an all-rounder. She is calm, collected and cheerful zephyr who effortlessly accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to. Participating in debates, declamations and other forms of oration fuels her personality as it gives her chance to reflect her quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base and capacity to connect disparate ideas. She truly is a role model of the student body who has based herself on confidence, charisma, and proficiency. She is diligently committed to taking the flag of the school to the soaring heights.


Vivikta Rana Sinha | Joint Secretary 2019-20

Vivikta Rana Sinha is a personification of magniloquence and novelty. Being the Joint Secretary of CIS, she synergises her aesthetic thoughts and philosophical approach efficiently in school cabinet routines. She enjoys participating in various co-curricular activities like debates, MUN, creative analysis workshops, film-making studios, and literary competitions. She has also given voice-over to short films and documentaries upon social topics. Always volunteering for the initiatives directed towards the welfare of society, she is a competent personality with multiple hues of earnestness, perseverance, confidence, and virtuosity. She intends to be an obligated convener who covets to effectuate the credence of the students.


Anmol Singh | Asst. Joint Secretary 2019-20

Anmol Singh is a conscientious and steadfast person. He is high-spirited and stalwartly passionate about football. Being a national champion of football and having participated in so many competitions, he is indeed a team player who values team spirit. His acting and anchoring skills are exceptional. He fulfils myriad of responsibilities rendered on him with thorough commitment and persistence. As a joint secretary of the student cabinet, he aims to be a staunch leader and assist the school in future endeavours with downright keenness.



Shubham Vashisht | Head Boy 2018-19

Shubham Vashisht is an epitome of eloquence and charisma. Being the second Head Boy, he is an efficacious, equanimous and analytical thinker. His persona pitches him as an exceptional orator, debater, and an outstanding MUNer. He is a trailblazer, ready with many ideas and thus his position projects the student cabinet as the embodiment of creativeness. He is also a prominent volunteer of NSS. He has attended many youth dialogues as an Indian delegate at different embassies. He is an enthralling and charismatic anchor and actor. He aspires to be a committed leader who wishes to fulfil the expectations of the students. He is assiduous, diligent and an excellent pioneer to represent Chitkara International School.


Akshita | Head Girl 2018-19

Akshita is an ideal figure of CIS. Being the Head Girl of CIS for the session 2018-19, she is a creative, pragmatic, amiable and a rational thinker. She is a versatile personality with an impeccable merger of academics as well as co-curricular activities. She is an all arounder with great orientation skills. She is a great dancer too. Adding a feather to her cap is the title of Miss Teen Chandigarh 2018 bestowed on her. She is extremely talented and her leadership qualities such as self-motivation, focused, empathy is quintessential.


Ishiqa Sharma | Joint Secretary 2018-19

Ishiqa Sharma is an impeccable figure of CIS. She is confident, influential, and proficient. She has a multifaceted persona with a versatile concoction of academics as well as co-curricular activities. She is an eloquent orator and a charismatic debater. With numerous prizes and accolades spun to her praise for her flair of speech, she is indeed a magnificent representation of the student cabinet.


Aaditya Dutta | Asst. Joint Secretary 2018-19

Aaditya Dutta is a paradigm of exuberance, vehemence and dynamism. Being the first Assistant Joint Secretary of the school he is confident and energetic. He is an exceptional musician and programmer. Being Asst Joint Secretary, he aspires to assist students with unprecedented experience.



Khushwant Singh |Head Boy 2017-18

Khushwant Singh is a paradigm of exuberance, vehemence and dynamism. He is an instigator, mastermind and a trailblazer representing the students as the First Head Boy of CIS. He is a National Level Shooting champion. He is perseverant, fervent, empathetic and determined. He aspires to be a prominent and committed leader who wishes to fulfil the expectations of the students and assisting them with unprecedented experiences.


Kashish Sharma | Head Girl 2017-18

Kashish Sharma is an exemplary figure of CIS. Being the first Head Girl of CIS, she is a creative, pragmatic, amiable and a rational thinker. She is a versatile personality with an impeccable amalgamation of academics as well as co curricular activities. She is a National and State fencing champion who has represented India at International level tournaments. Adding a feather to her cap, she has also received President Award by former President Pranav Mukherjee. In academics, her hard efforts yielded her 98.8% in 11th standard. She is extremely talented and her leadership qualities such as self motivation, focused, empathy are quintessential.


Shubham Vashisht |Joint Secretary 2017-18

Shubham Vashisht is an epitome of eloquence and charisma. Being the first Joint Secretary, he is confident, efficacious, vigilant, equanimous and an analytical thinker. He is an exceptional orator, debater and an outstanding MUNer. He is an enthralling and charismatic anchor and actor. He is assiduous, diligent and an excellent pioneer to represent the student cabinet.

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