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Malaysia & Singapore Educational Trip for students & teachers

Teachers from Chitkara international School and Chitkara University along with other local students & teachers went on a weeklong cultural and educational excursion to Malaysia and Singapore.
Organized by Yuvsatta -an NGO, this tour of Malaysia & Singapore involved interaction with local Schools, meeting NGO representatives, visit to libraries and prominent places of sight-seeing in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
In Malaysia, the Chandigarh’s Friendship delegation got special privilege to visit the Prime Ministers Department of National Unity & Integration, where they gained firsthand knowledge 1 Malaysia campaign from Mr. Gandesan A/L Letchumanan. Dy. Director General (Operations).
Giving information about the initiative Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta shared that now from last ten years they’re promoting international exchange programme as key to build bridges of understanding, love, friendship & global peace.
Ms. Arushi Deo, Academic Coordinator of Chitkara International School who went on this educational tour shared her experience and said that it was great to interact with the students and faculty members of the schools there as one can learn so much from the youth of these young and successful countries. The love and warmth with which they met the delegates was commendable and made their experience amazing.
Ms. Niyati Chitkara, Principal Chitkara International School while sharing her views on this Initiative said that such educational tours help us understand the methodologies adopted there and give us an insight on how to give students an educational system matching the International Standards and making students competitive enough for the global exposure.