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Fun time learning about fun facts about the first railway station

“So began the railway age, an age in which London would be broken up and remade. The construction of the railways saw whole swathes of the capital knocked down to make way for tracks and stations.”
Jon E Lewis, London: The Autobiography
Crown Street Station was located on Crown Street, Liverpool, England. The station was the world’s first intercity passenger station, opening in 1830, but remaining in use to passengers for only six years. The site was then converted into a goods yard, which remained in use until 1972. The area, itself, is now a park.
The station opened on 15 September 1830 as the Liverpool passenger terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the world’s first public passenger line. This gave it the station the distinction of being the world’s first dedicated intercity passenger railway station as the first train ran from Liverpool. Manchester’s corresponding Liverpool Road terminus station opened on the same day, being the destination of the first train from Liverpool.
Take a look at the students Grade 2 having fun time learning about fun facts about the first railway station.