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Chitkarians Lift Kundan Football Tournament Trophy

It was an ecstatic moment for students of Chitkara International School holding the trophy of Invitational Football Tournament. The students played and won all the four levels effortlessly defeating Saupins School 2-0 in the Pre-Quarter Finals. In the quarter finals students of CIS won by 1-0. Semi finals saw high energy match where students played impeccably winning by 1-0. The finals saw nail biting climax and players of both the teams were in full form. The neck to neck competition was won by Chitkara players after the tie Breaker and winning by 2-1 with the host team of Kundan International School. The crowd cheered the winning team with a huge and roaring applause. Another accolade added as feather in the cap when Gurtegbir Singh won the Player of the tournament. Principal Niyati Chitkara was fervent and thrilled. She said “my students have made me and school proud, the journey of success has just began, our goal is to be the national champions. My blessings and wishes are with my team and my faculty.

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