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Sports Facilities

Chitkara International School puts great emphasis on the physical and socio development of its students. Within our curriculum, all that students are motivated to participate in regular weekly sports activities (indoor and outdoor both) which makes Chitkara International School as the best school for sports in Chandigarh. The timetable includes two regular sports lessons/classes per week.

Our Sports staff is highly committed to fitness and wellness. They have vast experience in drawing out the best sporting instincts in students and getting all the students involved in what is called a superb social as well as physical activity. Teamwork and sportsmanship skills are imbibed in the students.

Besides the regular sports, after school activities are part of the school’s athletic concept. This concept aims to develop our students into a self-confident and responsible athlete.

The sports activities currently offered at CIS are:

Individual sports: : Tennis, Fencing, Chess, Carom, Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Running and Fitness
Team sports:Soccer, Cricket and Basketball

We continuously make efforts to expand our sports program time to time.

Play Courts

At CIS the sports infrastructure is second to none in India. Following are the immaculately groomed fields


Futsal Field – Soccer Soccer teaches you to ‘think on the run’. It teaches coordination, team work and sharing. CIS looks forward to imbibe these attributes into every student by making them participate in several competitions for students’ overall growth and development.

Hoops Field – Whether you are out shooting hoops by yourself, playing a game of pick-up basketball or on an elite competitive team, basketball is a great way to get fit and stay in shape. The sports faculty renders and teaches basketball techniques, fundamentals and form to the students in the best possible way with a motive to excel in every competition.

Rollers Field – Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness and fun. Our faculty preaches a number of skating elements, such as striding, starting/stopping, pivots and crossovers along with development of edge control. With these techniques, the students are able to learn intricacies behind this game and prepare for advanced competitions.

Cross Courts – Tennis has historically been called the sport for a lifetime. It triggers physical and emotional development of a child. CIS is accredited to AITA Standard Courts with flood lights for night and extends its endeavour to make potent contribution in Tennis. It encourages students to participate in various competitions on national and state level.

Jogger’s Track – The jogger’s track renders a pathway to students for jogging. The students can ease and warm up themselves before playing any game or sport.

Gym-O-Sphere – Gym-O-Sphere truly reflects the idea of wholesome exercise in free air. It’s an area designated for students outside in the school premises and equipped with equipment for students to do exercise in fresh and green environment.

The Indoor Playstation

With addition to outdoor games, students have wide variety of indoor games to choose from. Air Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom are thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Regular Inter-House Indoor Competitions are organised to test the skills and motivate the students to indulge in board games instead of electronic games.

Health Counselling Sessions for Students

CIS renders paramount importance to health and fitness for which it is always at the front foot to organise varied counselling sessions for the students. The sessions are inclusive of various fundamentals and pre-requisites to attain good health. These missionary sessions/workshops also impart knowledge on sports culture and values.

Magnificent Achievements in Games and Sports

The school showcases child prodigies with exemplary benefaction. The remarkable achievements in games and sports assist the school to reach the zenith of its success.

Kashish Sharma, a student of Grade 10, with her far out bows and bends grabbed 4th rank in Junior/Cadet Commonwealth Fencing Championship held at Cape Town. She has also received The National Award from our honorary President, Pranab Mukherjee for her excellent contribution.

Anmol Rattan, a Grade 10 student of CIS caught hold of 3rd position AITA super series ranking tournament.

Anshit, a student of Grade 7, received silver medal in junior/cadet open tri city Taekwondo Kyorugi tournament.

Mansvi Jain, a Grade 4 student, received Gold medal in open state u-10 skating tournament.

Our Sports Scholarships

CIS avidly effectuate learning techniques in the field of games and sports. Along with it, it is committed to offer and acknowledge the achievements and benefaction of blooming students seeking new admission in our school and for the present CIS students as well. CIS is unrestrained to offer scholarship under the following category:

  • International Level
  • National Level
  • State Level

These scholarships propel students to contribute more in the times to come.